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first_imgStop pump meltdowns and explosions by installing the Pump Protector from Thermal Interrupt Devices. The Protector continuously monitors the pump’s internal temperature and reacts to dangerous overheating conditions by shutting off the power to the pump’s motor before damaging temperatures are reached. Once tripped, the Protector must be manually reset before the pump will run again. This feature prevents needless and wasteful cycling because an overheating pump cannot repair itself. For critical applications such as those found in mining, the Pump Protector can be supplied with a third conductor for an alarm circuit, which will immediately inform miners the pump has a problem.The Protector is presently available in two configurations: a 25-A unit for direct-wire-to-the-pump motor installations (typically 3.7 kW or less motors) and a 1-A version, which can protect any size or power pump using a control panel. The company is developing a Protector featuring a longer brass fitting for difficult to reach installations. The ‘Long Reach’ Protectors will also be available as 1-A and 25-A units.Safety in mining means protecting miners as well as the environment.  Centrifugal pumps play critical roles in dewatering, movement of chemicals, and removal of slurry.  These pumps are asked to perform in the most demanding of conditions, including unpredictable intake levels – one of the leading causes of pump overheating.  Whether dewatering or delivering chemicals, mining pumps are susceptible to blockage of intake and discharge causing loss of prime and deadheading: pumps without enough water to cool themselves effectively or with water trapped in the pump housing and unable to leave, causing overheating.  Failure of any of these pumps can lead to catastrophe, including injury and long-term environmental impact.Most pumps offer overheat protection for the pump motor.  While this may protect the windings of the motor against damage from overheating, it does nothing to protect the pump and discharge pipes.  Protecting the motor has nothing in common with protecting the pump: these are two separate systems and must be protected separately from each other, Thermal Interrupt Devices states on its website.For mining applications, Thermal Interrupt Devices recommends use of 1-A Pump Protector for pumps with control panels.  The 1-A Pump Protector also offers the capability to integrate with remote management and monitoring circuits. The 25-A Pump Protector can be installed on pumps with direct wiring to the pump motor.  Any Pump Protector will work with any size pump, preventing costly and dangerous mining pump meltdowns.  Thermal Interrupt Devices can create custom temperature range protection and custom connection types to suit all forms of mining pumps. read more