May 12, 2021
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Rabat – ONCF Director General Mohamed Rabie Khlie said that ticket prices will vary according to the ticket class, date of purchase, date and time of trips, discount cards, and whether the tickets are refundable or flexible. Tickets can be purchased up to 3 months prior to the trip.Depending on three peak periods—low, normal, or high—second-class tickets cost MAD 93-139 for Tangier-Kenitra, MAD 115-172 for Tangier-Rabat, and MAD 149-224 for Tangier-Casablanca. First-class tickets cost MAD 162-244 for Tangier-Kenitra; MAD 187-281 for Tangier-Rabat, and MAD 243-364 for Tangier-Casablanca.Passengers buying tickets on same day of the trip will have to pay 10 percent extra, and 20 percent extra for refundable tickets.Ticket Prices for Morocco’s high speed train (LGV).Read also: Morocco’s LGV High Speed Train in PhotosChildren, young people, students, and the elderly have privileged discounts.Children under 4 can travel for free, but will not automatically get a seat. Children 4-15 years old will have to pay MAD 50 for second-class and MAD 80 for first-class for any distance.Young people aged 16-26 and seniors over 60 get a 15 percent discount. Students under 26 also get a 30 percent discount for second-class tickets.A group of 19 people or more can also get a 15 percent discount.Twenty-six high speed trains are operating on the new line, but it is not clear whether the trains will serve Casablanca yet as the line does not appear to be finished.The first train from Tangier leaves at 5:55 a.m. and the last train leaves at 8:55 p.m. Time Schedule for Morocco’s high speed train (LGV)King Mohammed VI and French President Emmanuel Macron inaugurated Morocco’s first high speed train (LGV) Thursday, November 15, in Tangier. The LGV departed from Tangier to Rabat with King Mohammed VI and Macron taking the first ride.The high speed train will link Tangier and Casablanca in two hours and 10 minutes instead of the normal five-hour train ride. The train will also make stops in Kenitra in Rabat.Read also: King Mohammed VI, Macron Inaugurate Africa’s First LGV in TangierThe trip from Tangier to Kenitra will take 50 minutes while the trip from Tangier to Rabat will take 80 minutes. Khlie revealed that the high speed train will eventually take 1 hour between Tangier and Rabat after work is completed on the rails between the two cities, allowing the train to travel at optimal speeds. Once completed, the trip between Kenitra and Rabat will take only 10 minutes.Currently, the high speed train actually takes about 30 minutes between Kenitra and Rabat. read more