October 26, 2021
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first_img“I just hope the ‘Barcelonagate’ is not true”Rivaldo was also shocked by all the information that, in the last days, point to an alleged smear campaign of FC Barcelona against their own players throught social media. “I just hope all of that isn’t true.”, began to explain incredulous. “Because if Barcelona has really paid to defame players, former players and former presidents on social networks, it would be very sad “, has added. “This style of social media news is really annoying for the people affected, and even more so if it’s the club that orders it. Everyone should be pissed off.”, the Betfair ambassador insisted.Rivaldo also trusts that Messi and Piqué, two of the players mentioned in all this, They will give a professional performance. “The two should focus on working and waiting for the future development of this whole case. This is what I did during my career, I always tried to get away from rumors and news that could only harm my performance if it was very important, “he insisted.“The two are symbols of the club that prove their loyalty and professionalism with each training and match and surely the fans know it, so they shouldn’t be worried about whether extrafutbolistic issues can affect them or not, “Rivaldo said.“The problems of the City could bring the return of Guardiola”In addition, the Betfair ambassador He also valued the possibility that the penalty imposed on Manchester City brings Guardiola closer to FC Barcelona in the not too distant future, despite the City’s own coach saying that, for now, he continues.“It would be a great opportunity for next season, but it also depends on what FC Barcelona does until the end of the season. If Setién manages to win the Champions League and makes a solid campaign in the League, there will be no reasons for a change of coach, but if the team does not meet expectations and generates discomfort, there may be a real opportunity for Guardiola to return to the club where he succeeded most “, Rivaldo concluded in statements to Betfair. Rivaldo, legend of FC Barcelona and ambassador of Betfair, was critical of Martin Braithwaite’s recent signing for the Catalans. “Honestly, I neither share nor understand this signing. And i don’t for many reasons. The first, that is a signing that is made beyond the market and also because Barcelona could have chosen some guy from the farmhouse instead of this operation, “the winner of the Golden Ball has begun to explain in 1999.“In addition, it is that the team is starting to improve and I see no reason to make such an effort to incorporate a striker who, with all due respect, I doubt he is the player that FC Barcelona needs now”the Brazilian insisted.The motives: “I thought of a younger player with more progression curve”, added a Rivaldo who understands the malaise of the Leganés. “He takes it away from a club that is trying to avoid relegation by paying the clause. Surely they get very damaged of all this, “added the Betfair ambassador.last_img read more