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first_imghot girl summer has been postponed until further notice— Julia Scorupco (@juliascorupco) July 22, 2019 Blog A passenger was filmed smashing her laptop into her boyfriend’s head because he looked at another woman.A couple travelling together was removed from an American Airlines flight after they had a loud argument in which the woman smashed a laptop on the man’s head.The flight, scheduled from Miami to Los Angeles on Sunday, was still at the boarding phase when the woman began shouting at her partner for allegedly looking at other women.“You want to try to f*****g look at other women, n*****? Nah, f*** you,” she said.The couple, seated in an emergency exit row, are hidden from view during the first part of the footage.As flight attendants remind the woman there are children on the plane, she responds with, “yeah I know, I f*****g consoled the f*****g child.”The man eventually responds, telling his girlfriend, “you’re going out of control,” before standing up and pushing past her to leave.This is when the woman follows him in the aisle and “Hulk-smashes” a laptop on his head to the astonishment of other passengers.Miami-Dade Police Department identified the woman as Mrs. McLemore.According to reports, McLemore walked away after leaving plane, and a police search for her “yielded negative results.”WARNING: Explicit Language VIDEO: Woman smashes laptop on boyfriend’s head for looking at another woman on American Airlines flight July 24, 20198 Commentslast_img read more