May 17, 2021
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first_imgDear Editor,The Mission Statement of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure (MoPI), posted on that ministry’s website is, “To plan, build and maintain a reliable, safe, efficient, and cost-effective Main Road Network and Sea and River defence system to protect life and property; support the movement of people, goods and services; reduce the cost of transportation; promote economic growth and quality of life, and protect the environment”.Unfortunately, this Mission Statement is nothing but a misleading message to distract persons who don’t know the reality obtaining at the MoPI.Numerous issues are being raised at the level of the Regional Democratic Council, and despite their being communicated to the subject minister, all the issues remain unattended. This is the pattern in all the ministries of the APNU/AFC coalition Government, and since Guyanese are punishing, it must be highlighted.These issues are intended to expose the incompetence that is existing in Government.1: The Main Road that runs throughout Black Bush Polder; that is, from Lesbeholden to Yakusari, is in a deplorable state. It has not been maintained by the MoPI, and is currently impassable, so farmers cannot use the road to move their produce to their desired market locations. The movement of people is restricted, whilst transportation cost has been increased.2: The Corentyne Highway from Adventure village to Crabwood Creek needs immediate maintenance. The potholes are causing fatal accidents.3: East and West Canje’s public roads also need immediate attention. Since their construction, there has been no maintenance; and so these roads must be maintained before they become impossible to traverse. For about three years now, a sink hole has existed on the New Forest village main road, and despite numerous complaints, nothing has been done to fix it. Many accidents have occurred there, and vehicles are damaged daily.3: The MoPI is spending millions to paint the Canje Bridge, but refuse to address the issue of ‘spaces’ being created on the Bridge. Commuters are feeling the burden, since vehicle tyres are being damaged because of the spaces that are now on the Bridge.4: Maintenance of street lights in Berbice is of great concern, since crime is on the increase. Nothing is, however, being done to address this issue.The MoPI is spending money only where there can be “kickbacks” from contractors. Having direct responsibility for maintenance of the main public roads in Region Six, the MoPI continues to disregard the people’s cries and refuse to fix these roads.They fix roads only in the APNU/AFC coalition Government support base.Regards,Zamal Hussainlast_img read more