May 17, 2021
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first_imgILIRIJA dd, a tourist company from Biograd na Moru, conducted an educational project in Marina Kornati called “Biowaste” for students of the Medical School “Ante Kuzmanić” from Zadar, all with the aim of developing knowledge about the types of biowaste and composting. Ilirija dd, as a socially responsible business system is aware that its business activities affect the environment, so preserving the environment, preserving biodiversity, preventing pollution or minimizing it and reducing harmful effects on the environment is our obligation since without a preserved environment, as a fundamental resources of Croatian tourism, there is no survival of Croatian tourism, they point out from Ilirija dd. Nicely defined, but most importantly, in Illyria they stick to it, and it’s not just about PR. Following the above, Ilirija, as the first Croatian company to receive the award for socially responsible business INDEX CSR, with monitoring and implementation of all legal regulations, implements international criteria and environmental standards, which are not a legal obligation, but which contribute to additional conservation and protection of nature and environment. .”Ilirija pays significant attention and activities to environmental education aimed not only at its own employees and guests but also at the community in which we operate and operate, so this project is Illyria’s contribution to the development of wider social awareness of the importance of environmental protection and reducing environmental impact. ” conclude from Illyria.Thus, in Illyria they are especially proud of: Blue flag, whose Marina Kornati has been the holder since 2004, the international ecological program for the protection of the marine and coastal environment, whose primary goal is the sustainable management and administration of the sea and the coastal zone, ISO 14001 as the most widespread international standard for environmental management implemented and certified in Ilirija since 2014, Green key which is assigned to accommodation facilities that reduce the negative effects on the environment. Ilirija’s camp “Park Soline” was awarded this international certificate in 2013, when it was only one of two camps in Croatia, and Ecocamping within which there are camps, among them the camp “Park Soline” which promote ecology, sustainable development and environmental protection.A company friend of healthIlirija dd is recently the second tourist company in the Republic of Croatia to hold the award “Friend of Health”The Ministry of Health and the Croatian Institute of Public Health have developed a module called “Friendly Health Company” within the National Program “Living Healthy”, related to the economy and the preservation and promotion of health in the workplace. In order for a company to be labeled a “Friend of Health Company”, it is necessary to meet certain criteria, such as: availability of meals in accordance with the principles of healthy eating, promotion of fruits and vegetables, availability of drinking water, co-financing physical activity for employees, stimulating walking or bicycle, preventive examinations of employees, etc.…CSR is the responsibility of all companies, especially the largest ones, which must be a positive example.last_img