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first_imgCover photo:, FB / Illustration: So in August we can finally see the crowds of tourists on Stradun, and this is best illustrated by the data that in Dubrovnik in the last two days the visitor counter in the historic center has risen to 6.000 visitors. Recently, Franković wrote to British Prime Minister Boris Johnson after announcing the introduction of a two-week quarantine for Croatia, in which he stressed that Dubrovnik is one of the safest European travel destinations with detailed protocols in all situations, including the number of infected people. have also been reported by many British media outlets, such as The Telegraph. In any case, Dubrovnik is struggling and not adhering to the status quo, which is more than commendable. This year is literally a fight for every guest. We have a long and difficult autumn and winter ahead of us, in which we will have to survive with a modest income from this season until the spring of 2021. As constructive criticisms are often written about the tourist development of Dubrovnik, so positive examples should be praised, as is the case now. Namely, Mayor Mate Franković is very active in promoting Dubrovnik as a safe destination and open to tourists. The proposal and lobbying of Mayor Franković that daily data on the pages of the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control should be divided by counties should certainly be pointed out.center_img Thus, 10.316 overnight stays were recorded yesterday, with a little more than 6.000 guests currently staying in Dubrovnik. And in Dubrovnik, they are finally looking forward to the guests, but of course the current numbers are far from ideal. Currently, in August, Dubrovnik is at 37% of overnight stays since last year. In the period from 1 January to 31 July, 113 arrivals were recorded in Dubrovnik, or only 912% of last year’s tourist traffic and 14 overnight stays, also 347% of last year’s tourist traffic in the same period, which best shows that the difficult situation in Dubrovnik was until early August. “It started… .the number on the counter reached 6000 visitors.There was a queue to enter the walls. We are recovering step by step”Wrote Mate Franković, the mayor of Dubrovnik, on his FB profile. A few days ago I wrote how they are Dubrovnik and Hvar are among the most affected tourist destinations in Croatia, but how in spite of everything a little optimism is aroused. Also, many world media were in Dubrovnik for two weeks, from Bloomberg, Reuters, the Associated Press to ABC News, which had three live reports from Dubrovnik.last_img