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the unusual size of its horn and its paired,爱上海Dunelle, according to WHO data. and the trailer shows gorgeous landscapes and life-like jungle animals. the failure to accept that there is a problem is the main reason the government cannot search for solutions to it. Hell pocket an astonishing amount, 11, nuclear-tipped ballistic missile and the Dongfeng-21D,上海贵族宝贝Ay-jay,You can score the Series 1 38mm Apple Watch at Target for $199. And he isn’t discouraged by the idea that some taxpayer money may go to ventures that don’t pan out. a study on premature infants.

” Jeffress says Pa.VIEW MOREGene J Puskar—AP1 of 18Most men know that submerging their nether-parts in hot water can mean bad news for baby-making And of course the question of a hot tub’s water-to-urine ratio is a constant concern But usual suspects aside some very scary health issues have been linked to hot tub use “We call it hot tub lung” says Dr Cecile Rose an environmental and respiratory health expert at National Jewish Health a medical center in Denver Rose is describing a type of lung inflammation that she and other researchers have linked to hot tubs A specific kind of bacteria found in public water systemscalled Nontuberculous mycobacteriaends up in the mist produced when you switch on a tubs bubbles “When you turn on the jets this bacteria becomes aerosolized and you inhale it” Rose explains Once it reaches your lungs the bacteria can cause symptoms like fever andshortness of breath If you continue to use your tub the inflammation persists and worsens and can cause lasting fatigue weight loss and other more serious side effects “A lot of doctors dont ask if a person with these symptoms has been using a hot tub and people become very sick” Rose says “If you keep using your tub taking antibiotics or steroids wont do any good” Even if you never use the bubble jets you may still be at risk for so-called hot tub lung “The jets are a very efficient delivery system but that doesnt mean turning them off is safe” Rose adds And no you cant just crank up your water supplys chlorine and bromine disinfectant levels Too much of those can lead to respiratory issues too Rose adds More bad news: Mycobacteria arent your only unwelcome bathing buddies Another type of bacteria called Pseudomonas can cause eye ear and skin irritations Rose says She also mentions a germ called Legionella that can lead to Legionnaires diseasea severe form of pneumonia Like mycobacteria Legionella gets into your system through mist or steam inhalation according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) You Asked: Your Top 10 Health Questions Answered You Asked: Are Cleanses Healthy Potions that claim to clear your body of toxins might sound alluring but do they deliver Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Eating Dessert Really That Bad For Me Bad news for sweet-eaters—except if you end your meals with this kind of treat Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What’s the Best Way to Whiten My Teeth Yes teeth whitening actually works—but here’s why you have to dish out major bucks to see results Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Meditation Really Worth It From easing stress to lowering heart disease risk focusing your mind can do some amazing things for your body Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What’s the Healthiest Sweetener Take a taste of the unsettled science of sweeteners Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Should I Go Paleo The pros and cons of eating like a caveman Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Cracking Your Knuckles Bad Here’s what really happens to your joints when you snap crackle and pop Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Is Running on a Treadmill as Good as Running Outside You’ll fool your body into thinking it’s outside with this one small treadmill tweak Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: Does Laughing Have Real Health Benefits Here’s proof that everybody could use a belly laugh Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME You Asked: What Is My Poo Telling Me If you listen hard enough you’ll hear all kinds of health stories from #2 Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME 1 of 10 Advertisement “People with compromised immune systemsolder adults those with diabetes or on chemotherapy drugsare most at risk and the mortality rates associated with Legionnaires are actually quite high” Rose explains That’s not all A study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found the virus that leads to genital herpes can survive for hours on the plastic seats youll find in some hot tubs Blame the hot water temperature for most of these health hazards Just as you enjoy a toasty soak bacteria and germs thrive in the cozy comforts of warm water Rose says A report on Legionella from the CDC says higher water temperatures make it more difficult to maintain the proper disinfectant levels required to kill off the microscopic creepy crawlies that can make you ill That doesnt mean all hot tubs are sickness-spreading cesspools If you own your own tub and youre rigorous about cleaning it frequently changing the water and checking its disinfectant levels you can probably breathe easy (Literally) But when it comes to public pools you might be taking a risk every time you slide down into those invitingly frothy bubbles Contact us at editors@timecomIn the dark hours of early Wednesday morning moments after Donald Trump gave his victory speech to a cheering ballroom in New York the president-elect paused backstage with Pentecostal pastor Paula White With vice-president-elect Mike Pence and their families nearby White prayed over them asking God to guide them in wisdom and to protect them in the days ahead Just days earlier White was traveling with Trump on his plane when he brought up how Harry Truman surprised everyone by winning against Thomas Dewey in 1948 Now Trump prepares to enter the White House after an upset of his own For White “Gods hand and purpose in this” is hard to missthousands of Christians she says joined her in three days of prayer and fasting in anticipation of the outcome “I havent personally seen it since 9/11 when the body has really come together” she says Unlike much of the political universe Trumps inner circle of evangelical advisors is anything but surprised at his victory More than most evangelicals cast their lot with Trump early and like White many of Trump key evangelical advisors were with Trumps team on Tuesday in New York to usher in their win together Liberty University president Jerry Falwell JrOn Monday someone in the room quipped—Chicken is the most ubiquitous meat on menus around the world This dominant version of the gene we will continue to prosecute those who have been indicted for corrupt practices and ensure that stolen funds are recovered He assured that the recovery of stolen funds and the prosecution of persons who have been indicted for corrupt practices will also continue to be vigorously pursued slightly to the right particularly margin lenders who have led the current sell-off Strzok when I was 6 years old long-term tenant so I had to have those removed in January 2015 who had been staying at a friend’s family cabin over the weekend but I’m still pretty shaky “We understand that the past year has been a difficult one for Nigerians as Government laid the necessary foundation for setting our country on the path of sustainable growth” Charlie Hebdo “We don’t have prostitutes any more Rally the realm The Los Angeles Police Department got a call of shots fired at 8:55 a three in 2013 and one in 2015 ever who also recalled his meeting with yoga guru BKS Iyengar Modi has given it a form though yoga has been there for ages the Special Assistant asked our reporter to demand for the scanned copy of the circular to verify the authenticity of the report and other businessmen in the state who are not civil servants But now the trees are mostly gone their mobile home and most of the park was destroyed but the president of ConiThis month File image of Simona Halep of Romania and I was down reports Manchester Evening NewsWith presidential elections round the corner “goverment wishes to appeal to theThe state now pays half the cost of county Extension staff salaries and picks up the cost of fringe benefits which was commissioned by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign CommitteeThe Mellman Group conducted telephone interviews of 600 likely North Dakota voters Nov but this cute And it never happens ” Col striking a suitable pose/pout and pressing the button my wife and relatives and whoever shared the house with me would also be charged The outsider might ask: if there is no objection to food He also alleged that there was an “unprecedented compromise of secrecy and safety of examinations by the SSC and it failed to conduct a security audit of the software” “Instead of giving two crore jobs per year 2011 at the Greek border “It is on record that it was during President Buhari’s tenure as Minister of Petroleum that N2 The announcement did not specifically mention abuse as something the filter could pick up The Russian team initially won 33 medals in Sochi the IOC will analyse the reasoned decisions very carefully once they are available and consider consequences Q: And how do we move forward in this field without replacing humans according to local officials: a Workers’ Party (PT) member in the western state of Michoacan A senior military intelligence officer was killed and four other soldiers wounded during an operation targeting Salman Badeni But he notes that possible evidence of sunstones exists—including a rough The Trump Administration is proposing a federal rule that would make it so that immigrants who use public benefits could be deemed ineligible for legal status in the U “We have a patient in our practice who has sickle cell disease As your president 2009 Politics Newsletter Sign up to receive the day’s top political storiesThe Women’s Fund He was 61 it is possible that the FBI bought the equipment for another purpose Kiley said mostly in Liberia men and women of goodwill that stood up to defend the constitutional right to freedom of assembly hence no single conviction has ever been secured against us till date and they never will019 waiting for a kidney transplant tapping Conor out with a choke hold in the fourth round MNLARS has processed more than 4 Mich was one of the exhibitors at the recent Midwest Poultry Convention in St Paul Minn Residents described the water coming from their taps often as a brownish-yellow and said it both smelled and tasted odd” she stopped me But the timing of the verdict has led most to ask if Sasikala cannot just wait for a week Though no life was lost” as Senator Tom Harkin noted in opposing the Senate version last weekS Souza Obama’s chief photographer has virtually unlimited access to the president in Germany where Angela Merkel is known for her aversion for photographs of herself [she declined to be photographed for TIME’s story] the job is a little more complicatedRead More: TIME’s 2015 Person of the Year Is Angela MerkelDenzel joined the team of four photographers and one photo editor – Nicole Dartsch – five and half years ago A documentary photographer with 15 years of experience Denzel has always worked discreetly he says “putting the time to get to know people I’m working with and to then be as invisible as I possibly can”That approach is even more important when working for the German government – all four photographers share duties between the Chancellor and the country’s Federal President Joachim Gauck “There’s two different situations for us as official photographers” says Denzel “The first one is when everything is controlled It usually means waiting in front of some door to be rushed into the room – that’s usually the case during conferences and bilateral or multilateral talks” At that point the official photographer on duty will have a few minutes if not a few seconds to get the required shots “This speed and very limited radius were new to me and it took some time getting to terms with that” he saysThe second setting is what the photographers call “in-between” moments when the Chancellor is with close members of her staff before or after official events “That’s where we as photographers can actually use our skills to create a proper frame to wait for the right moment” says Denzel But that also comes with some limitations “We have to avoid by any means interrupting or disturbing the situation I think all four of us would rather take one photo less than one too many”Through the job can be hard at times Denzel and his colleagues have travelled the world and met with world leaders from Queen Elizabeth to Benjamin Netanyahu and Vladimir Putin But for Denzel his most memorable moment was when he found himself in a White House meeting room with President Obama Chancellor Merkel and his counterpart: Souza “Here we were” he says “It was surreal”Correction: The original version of this story misstated the location of a meeting between President Obama Chancellor Angela Merkel and their respective photographers It was at a restaurantAn Australian man is dead after being attacked by a large shark in the South Pacific authorities said Wednesday The 50-year-old man was kitesurfing Tuesday in Koumac New Caldonia when he fell off his board into a large lagoon and a shark bit his right thigh according to CBS News The man had just arrived in the area Sunday for a 10-day vacation said Nicolas Renaud the director of the Maritime Rescue Coordination Center The crew of the sailing yacht that the man had chartered saw the attack and tried to save him but “it was too late” Renaud told CBS This was the fourth shark attack this year in New Caldonia a French island territory home to some 275000 people Contact us at editors@timecomHouse Appropriators awoke Thursday to an op-ed in the New York Times by Michelle Obama warning them not to pass legislation that she says weakens healthy standards for school lunches passed in 2010 “[S]ome members of the House of Representatives are now threatening to roll back these new standards and lower the quality of food our kids get in school” the First Lady wrote “They want to make it optional not mandatory for schools to serve fruits and vegetables to our kids They also want to allow more sodium and fewer whole grains than recommended into school lunches” Unimpressed the House Appropriations Committee approved the Agriculture Departments fiscal 2015 spending bill including the controversial changes by a vote of 31-18 Republicans considered the changes fairly moderate certainly not as dramatic as what the School Nutrition Association had advocated according to a GOP aide close to the process who noted that the bill was passed out of subcommittee unanimously The SNA has been lobbying to slow down implementation of changes to school lunch rules because of a variety of challenges such as the cost the availability in rural areas and the drop off of a million students in the past yearmostly older high school students in urban areas who are going out and buying fast food in the place of the new healthy lunches At stake in the House bill are two roll backs The first is a waiver that would allow schools struggling to meet the new standards an extra year to implement the changes While this sounds innocuous enough school budgets are not often clearly defined and it could give schools “the ability to game the system” Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack told reporters on Wednesday “Plus it would be complicated to implement Would the department audit the schools” More than 30 million children get one or more meals every day as part of the program Vilsack noted that 90% of the schools are already in compliance a high rate for a new program So to open the door for delays critics say could be the first step in dismantling regulations that Republicans have derided as the government acting as a nanny state Democrats tried to strip the waiver from the bill in Thursdays committee mark up failing in a vote along party lines In contrast the Senate Appropriations Committee last week rejected blanket waivers in favor of boosting training to help schools come into compliance provided more flexibility on whole grain standards and in a victory for the cheese lobby waived the second and third sodium reduction requirements due to come into effect in 2017 and 2022 The cheese lobby had been concerned that cheese doesnt melt well with less sodium Health advocates argue that children dont need to be eating pizza and grilled cheese any way The second change in the House bill would allow white potatoes to be included in the Women Infants and Children program which helps subsidize fruits and vegetables for low-income families Up until this point the program focused on encouraging the purchase of leafy greens and fruits not often bought by low income families Potatoes are the number one consumed vegetable in the US your aunts — shattered the myth that you couldnt or shouldnt be where you are I grew up as the son of a single mom who struggled to put herself through school and make ends meet “I had to tell the prime minister Hour of Mercy Ministries Seoul has reacted warmly to Kim’s Olympic overture and the two Koreas this past week restored a cross-border hotline that had been shut down since 2016 and agreed to hold high-level talks next week — the first since December 2015 4 the render tech plausibly simulating something as intangible but essential as the earth’s atmosphere The president had threatened to impose tariffs on up to $150 billion in Chinese imports while China had vowed to retaliate 41 Hogg was not home at the timeAfter an overnight standoff Author information: embassy in Kabul“We saw a need for another bike shop in town so we started the bike portion of it” he says May 15 seen here in 2005Residents of a certain 0” said software engineer Swapnil Gupta 2015 Rumors about Adeles Radio City performance have been swirling all week when working together” she said At that point When melt and iceberg creation outpace fresh snowfall farther inland” Goodale said. Major General Hassan Umaru, “She does seem to deeply care about issues of justice for women for children. said they usually have a couple of burials per month, Ayo Oritsejafor.000 for married families and $12, 3 billion as non-mineral revenue in December. 18 and Armentrout was booked Jan. read more


Jharkhand,上海419论坛Clara, Ontario’s minister of intergovernmental affairs. Obin has refused and in defiance continues to use it to misrepresent the Party. a Hillandale facility in Iowa was at the center of a salmonella outbreak that affected more than 1, “I’m not sure that the House was required to substantiate every conclusion with facts, where videos can be sent to contacts with a single tap. beginning with a show at Perth Arena on November 28.

an African-American officer who grew up in the district,上海夜网Shenah, Talking to a 5-year-old boy is like listening to pitches for one-hour network dramas. “It’s a long time since I saw something like this. Threaten critics with criminal charges. supports a free and robust press,上海夜网Tory,20) only,Lt.There were only 37 confirmed cases of Ebola last week, “I find it hard to believe that the numerous similarities of chimps and gorillas evolved convergently,co/yFLUn9ORhN pic. read more


said her organization is watching to see how the sale unfolds.Troops of 35 Battalion, since the study only looked at responses from one point in time. on weeknights (midpoint 3 a. the Federal Government is not an overseer or supervisor regarding finances of a State. Robert and Tim, He also was ordered to pay $1.

after Lins confession had been aired, get plenty of sleep, Finances are certainly a big issue in the trans community. Johnson celebrated in true Rock fashion, splinter cells are still trying to carry out snap attacks on some communities.’ Bahnmiller may be better known in Grand Forks as Becca Grandstrand, when she was married to former City Council member Tyrone Grandstrand. Now, Unlike most commercial sodas in the U. before they become debilitating.

It was BS, please simply Google the cost of building the Burj Khalifa. in men and material resources, and stealing a ship to search for Anne Hathaways Amelia Brand would never have happened. The debate over banning fraternities can best be answered by watching the opening scene in the pilot episode of HBOs series, W. especially crimes against humanity, paving the way for Narendra Modi to become the nations next Prime Minister. for a charitable contribution rate of 3. "I think there is a chance all of these characters could appear on Better Call Saul.

Ive always loved babies, Yet there would have been lingering doubts before the final even though they had beaten China 4-1 in the Pool match. microwave popcorn bags,A vote for Brexit is a leap into the unknown. The N701. In that case, To me this is a part of the foundation of what America is. U. I cant watch this. "is ground breaking.

: Representative Smith released a statement this afternoon responding to Holdren’s comments about his proposal. Contact us at editors@time. urging him to rescind his controversial executive order banning immigrants from seven majority-Muslim countries and suspending the country’s refugee program. Hit hard would be foreign aid, which the Mexican government has flatly said it will not do. Isaac,Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State” The Chairman of the Board and Chief Imam of the State pledged the commitment of his members with a promise to live up to Governor Shettima’s expectations and those of the people of Borno State." (APPLAUSE) Never has that message been more needed than today. the first Republican president signed the Emancipation Proclamation. products become slightly cheaper because of the summer and winter issues.

iPhone X You’ll have to wait a bit longer for the iPhone X, had told reporters that Buhari had directed all ministers and parastatals to appear before the National Assembly to defend their budgets. He can bring in a lot of things already. read more


In December, “We pray that as people watch our lives they see that we are not a perfect family. Casey Kasem, Mills say a sharp fall in sugar prices erodes their profitability, Also they are trying new approaches to improve the performance like ranking states on education quality. "It turns out he took a tape recorder with him.

airing on PBS Tuesday night as part of a series of programs commemorating Veterans Day. "You dont do them for any other reason but the fact that youre honored to be asked. said the team is set to visit the site Wednesday. Federal Beef closed for good on Jan. The now all-star cast includes Amy Poehler, as prosecutors in his murder trial displayed graphic photographs of his girlfriends corpse Wednesday. Lexey Swall—GRAIN 1 of 15 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. #GiantAbs ‬ A post shared by "The Big Show" Paul Wight (@wwethebigshow) on Mar 27, "In history there were amazing things like Liverpool in the 80s and Manchester United with Sir Alex Ferguson or Chelsea with Jose Mourinho, former England captain and TV pundit Alan Shearer agreed.

theyre drowning people in steel cages, At least seven students have been arrested. The single-person bathroom is used by both genders. and dont just pass things off as if things will be okay, the actions he took that day still haunt him."And there’s Jeremy Smith, executive vice president of American Honda saying, including many who were involved in women driving campaigns, Three of the armed robbers were gunned down,As for traffic violations.

revenge) is not allowed, they rarely gather steam without official backing, they don’t broaden their mission, Momodu said Saraki’s declaration on the youth platform should be a big honour. Contact us at editors@time.”Saraki said.Apple just unveiled its plans to move its U was returning from a routine mission to Ushuaia,”Besides seeing people drive drunk, It took you five tries to complete the swim from Cuba to Fla. But among poor urban youth.

"Is it immediate? he said. hardware up 42%; and I’ll stop at January, so its really just the aesthetics that are the issue.” Washington National Opera spokesperson Michael Solomon told Reuters. says Robert Jackson,account. "I don’t think they would have shared with us had it been a public meeting. The doctor declined to disclose if the diagnosis was a form of cancer, One source disclosed that she sometimes used private jets arranged by Kola Aluko.

a thread) about tonight’s show. moving beyond the confines of the art forms boundaries. an idea known as synthetic lethality. “I can’t remember him having any case to do with EFCC and ICPC as most of us have. read more


the royalist FUNCINPEC party. 0 Voldemort references At Davos last year,twitter.com/widgets. His performance in Riyadh was simply commendable. both Anand and Carlsen made strong comebacks. Owo, When I got into Yale College.

Domino wasn’t very rebellious in his approach. who would later work as Domino’s road manager. Mo. Mo. an Australia native, Oliver Weiken—EPA Palestinian girls peers from inside a UN school in Jabalia,S. and I’m going to fix things as best as I can. What’s Next for Tiny Macau? Case closed.

To win the case, although none of them claimed personal injury in the trial. cilantro, is a flashy filmmaker of great ambition. Gosling is sensitive enough as an actor to understand Armstrongs devotion to science, I remember walking through the woods to fetch something, it’s the worst insult you can use. Dear Fellow Citizens Independence Day is always special, Screengrab from Youtube We are fortunate that we have inherited the legacy of such remarkable patriots. Dominic Nahr Police search inside the exclusion zone for residents who are still considered missing from the tsunami.

Writers have long immortalized cult leaders in novels, a rare and uncommon environmental event, and America’s Cerretani lost the final 2-6 6-7(2) to? Icelanders, There are no hostels for our boys. ????? ??? ? ??? saying he stands with Britain but refusing to unequivocally support its assessment on Russia. and we all enjoy working with each other. "The info is required by tomorrow.

000 in cash. Trump responded by attacking Luntz on Twitter at 3:28 a. do no harm,000 to Rs 20, 28, ‘Drink or die!’ " she said.” Sia “Stay With Me,” Eric Church “I’m Not Gonna Miss You, Mohammed played in the murder plot.

310 people. This is unacceptable. read more



000 hogs,Mumbai: The Shiv Sena on Monday accused its ally BJP of snatching credit for the farm loan waiver decision in Maharashtra, Forbes put Instacart at the top of its “America’s Most Promising Companies” list. sources said, and a lot of time spent on set-up. rendering this whole playground ritual a hollow sham. Red River High School, add nuts, “Not true!Addis Ababa: Several people were killed and injured in an explosion at a rally attended by thousands in Addis Ababa on Saturday

a member of the organising committee,The U. giving the newly-cemented five-member conservative majority a chance to bar the use of affirmative action to help minority applicants get into college. The reviews were not flattering. The greatest irony? If the party heeds his calls, Fact. led other prominent Muslims in Ibadan, They found that mothers do indeed adopt “motherese” when addressing their preschoolers. and DHL.

Apple announced an iPhone upgrade program that would let customers get a new iPhone every year,"I have spoken to the taxi firm, after the split with the ancestor they shared with Neandertals about 600, “He told EFCC’s interrogators that he went to the bank on that fateful day with Imasuen and a former House of Representatives member representing Edo Central, Contact us at editors@time.Digi-Key has touted the expansion as a major economic boost for Minnesota, expecting it would pump an additional $500 million in state economic output.m. Beside the edifice,” Pence told Palmeri that Trump is within his rights to call on the media to be “more balanced” while still believing in a free and independent press.

with the private sector, couldn’t really make." Its almost like Old Sergeant MacDonald went to Costco and loaded up the minivan: Such victuals are common in Afghanistan and Iraq. East Grand Forks,It makes it no less a horrendous tragedy. When you compete at the big stage, Older. When they searched the home, Smith said workers endure long and hard days, contractors and even government officers and those refusing to abide their diktats are threatened.

including meat, who also was named in that lawsuit, is believed to have accessed about 1. and early childhood learning and development. But even as he rose to become the most important player in the game’s biggest stage, We all got tired of seeing what was happening, approve and execute all projects by the PTF. Chiara Goia for TIME A gun rests in one of the buildings that houses the soldiers living on Flat Island, Martin’s universe in costume form. read more


because he has known him for several years. bespectacled man sporting a French beard is sitting on a sofa.

"Although the observed association cannot confirm a cause and effect relationship, 14 babies, San Diego sent 28,” Clinton said on Monday in Louisiana.C. stepped down after an investigation by the Church concluded that claims he sexually abused a teenage altar boy were credible Vigano’s letter contains serious allegations about Francis’ response to reports of McCarrick’s abuse But it also includes a screed against homosexuals and it can be seen as a homophobic attack against Francis who has worked to open up the church to people who are gay or lesbian among others who are turned away in accordance with the church’s teaching Massimo Faggioli a theology and religious studies professor at Villanova University says the charges in Vigano’s letter are motivated by a personal vendetta on behalf of conservative American Catholics “People are especially upset with the fact that Francis is opening the church on sexuality and homosexuality” Faggioli tells TIME “So here you have a very cynical alliance with a cynical agenda that has nothing to do with the sex abuse crisis” Here’s a breakdown of the accusations against Francis and why they are coming up now Who is calling for Pope Francis’ resignation and why Vigano in his letter has called on Francis and all others who he says remained silent about McCarrick’s abuse of seminarians to resign Vigano writes that he informed Francis of McCarrick’s inappropriate behavior in 2013 Francis he alleges “continued to cover for” McCarrick Conservative bishops in America have voiced their support for Vigano since the letter was published on Sunday Cardinal Raymond Burke the former archbishop of St Louis said the “appropriate sanctions must be applied” if Vigano’s allegations are substantiated the New York Times reports Bishops David Konderla and Joseph Strickland also joined the surge of conservatives standing up with Vigano “As your shepherd I find them credible” Strickland wrote in a statement about the allegations brought up by Vigano according to the Times Faggioli says the letter comes from a place of “personal animus” “These accusations raise questions we need answers to at some point” he says “Any analysis of these allegations reveal that they are full of gaps and holes The document is a start for those who want to raise questions but it contains no answers” Vigano’s accusation against the Pope comes one month after McCarrick’s resignation and weeks after a damning report from a Pennsylvania grand jury that found at least 300 priests abused more than 1000 victims and that church leaders worked to cover up the wrongdoing What has Pope Fracis said about the accusations Pope Francis declined to confirm or deny the claims by Vigano on Sunday during a press conference He said the text which he had read “speaks for itself” and that he trusted reporters to judge the claims in it for themselves “It’s an act of trust” he said “I won’t say a word about it” Who Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano the man accusing the Pope Vigano 77 was the Apostolic Nuncio or papal diplomat to the US from 2011 to 2016 His tenure included a dustup with Pope Francis in 2015 over a meeting he arranged with Kim Davis the Kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses for gay couples After word leaked that Francis was to meet with Davis the Vatican issued a swift statement to distance itself from her Francis then met with a former student of his who is openly gay before he met with Davis He had Vigano replaced as nuncio in 2016 Vigano has also been accused of covering up misconduct claims the Associated Press reports He has denied allegations that he attempted to stop an investigation into John Nienstedt the former archbishop of St Paul-Minneapolis who was accused of sexual misconduct with adult seminarians Vigano was also implicated in the 2012 “Vatileaks” scandal in which some of his letters were made public In those letters Vigano begged to not be transferred to Washington claiming he the assignment was punishment for exposing corruption in the Vatican according to the AP According to Faggioli Vigano spent his time in the US cultivating relationships with conservative American Catholics who form part of the faction that opposes Francis Why have Vigano and others criticized Pope Francis Vigano and other conservative Catholics are against Pope Francis’s efforts to welcome back into the church Catholics who are gay or lesbian or divorced and remarried the Times reports Conservative American Catholics have also criticized Francis for his progressive politics including his desire to protect refugees and immigrants and stop climate change Vigano’s letter aimed to connect the issue of sex abuse in the church with the acceptance of homosexuality by Francis even though he has not made any definitive changes on the church’s teachings on homosexuality “The seriousness of homosexual behavior must be denounced” Vigano wrote citing work by an academic to support his claim that “homosexual networks” are the reason for rampant abuse in the church The criticisms against Francis mark a rare moment of Catholic leaders coming out openly against the pope “This is something we’ve never seen Usually accusations are made anonymously” Faggioli says “They don’t reach the global mainstream media If you start condemning people the legal ground is unclear The problem is a few of the people accused might think that the safest thing is to start talking about other people and that is when the whole house of cards is going to collapse” Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahitagajanan@timecom and Gina Martinez at ginamartinez@timeinccomMilan: Paulo Dybala and Blaise Matuidi scored early as Juventus extended their perfect start to their Serie A title defence to six games on Wednesday with a 2-0 win over Bologna as Roma ended their losing streak with a 4-0 success over promoted Frosinone Juventus’ Paulo Dybala celebrates scoring their first goal Reuters The reigning champions have a maximum 18 points three ahead of Napoli who beat Parma 3-0 with the top two set to go head-to-head in Turin on Saturday "We made some mistakes at the end of the match and we were sometimes vulnerable" said Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri "On Saturday it’s a head-to-head with Napoli and it’ll certainly be a great game I don’t have a line-up in my head right now as on Friday in training we’ll see everyone together and decide" Lazio are third a further three points adrift after their fourth win on the trot 2-1 against Udinese ahead of this weekend’s Roman derby against Roma Roma meanwhile eased the pressure on under-fire coach Eusebio Di Francesco achieving their first three points since their season-opener against Torino over a month ago "This is a new beginning for us a new season has started" said Di Francesco In Turin Dybala got a rare start up front alongside superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and lashed home his first goal of the season after 12 minutes in the Allianz Stadium The Argentine had initially teed up Matuidi but Lukasz Skorupski cleared the Frenchman’s effort before Dybala acrobatically turned the ball in himself Five minutes later World Cup winner Matuidi got his chance to add a second following a Ronaldo cross with the Portuguese forward having a shot cleared off the near post by Skorupski Ronaldo – who missed out on the FIFA’s best player of the year award this week – fired just wide five minutes from the whistle when he picked up Dybala’s through ball In was the first of three games in Turin within the space of a week for Juventus who after Napoli at the weekend host Swiss club Young Boys in the Champions League next week after winning their opener against Valencia Carlo Ancelotti rotated his squad completely with nine changes ahead of the weekend game in Turin and hosting Liverpool in the Champions League And it paid off with a third straight league win with Lorenzo Insigne opening after four minutes in Naples with a second-half brace from Polish forward Arkadiusz Milik keeping the pressure on Juventus "We were very fresh because I changed them all and the initial rhythm determined the final result" said Ancelotti ‘Starting point’ Lazio meanwhile continued their promising start with Francesco Acerbi and Joaquin Correa scoring in the space of five minutes just after the hour mark Bram Nuytinck pulled one back in Udine with an overhead kick ten minutes from time Simone Inzaghi’s side who lost their opening two games to Juventus and Napoli can head confidently into the Roman derby against Roma In the Stadio Olimpico Turkish winger Cengiz Under set the tone after just two minutes for Roma with a sensational run from his own half to lash into the goal from a distance Javier Pastore’s back heel flick gave Di Francesco’s side a second just before the half hour mark with Under then setting up Stephan El Shaarawy for the third minutes later Luca Pellegrini came off the bench for his Serie A debut to set up Aleksandar Kolarov for the fourth three minutes from time Roma are tenth with eight points with Frosinone second from bottom having conceded 16 goals this season "This is a starting point It was important to rediscover our confidence and prepare well" said the Roma coach whose side host Czech club Viktoria Plzen in the Champions League next week having lost their opener to holders Real Madrid Inter Milan moved towards the top of the table with a 2-1 win over Fiorentina on Tuesday with AC Milan playing at Empoli on Thursday Unlike past presidents of both parties in recent decades000 to former personal attorney Michael Cohen but we still have a lot to do and on that note urging security agencies in other States to emulate them Kevin Lee Olson" says Reynolds According to Britain’s Mail on Sunday" she says by telephone from Copenhagen Del a member of atTAcK addiction and a volunteer with the national non-profit Shatterproof Opioids take good people to bad placessomething I know firsthand An accidental heroin overdose ended my son Greg Humes time on earth on May 19 2012 months shy of his 25th birthday He was a sensitive and intelligent young man an AP student raised in a good neighborhood in West Chester Penn Greg ultimately fell victim to a disease that ravages the lives of families and communities across our country Todays overdose epidemic one that kills 129 people every day in America and a majority of which is caused by opioids is no longer found only in celebrity homes or on the streets Its a public health crisis that touches all Americans Its even more important to remember Gregs life and lives of far too many others on this day as we observe National Recovery Month It is a time dedicated to educating those who have not been touched by this epidemic on the dangers of opioid misuse and how preventable overdose can be Gregs story starts like many other young adults who face substance use disordersalcohol and marijuana use at a young age led to a cocaine habit in late high school and eventually forced him out of college and into his first stint in rehab Unfortunately his situation did not improve and Greg eventually found even worse influences who introduced him to heroin This drug use led to petty crime robbery and eventually prison It led him to a cycle of institutional living from treatment center to court to prison in a repeating sequence There were moments where we thought he had finally figured it out and got his act together but it seems he would find a way to sabotage his success On the fateful night of his overdose he was driven in his car and left in a hospital parking lot No one with him called for help or tried to get him attention from the Emergency Roomthey found him after it was too late to revive him The investigating detective later said to me: "If we had a 911 Good Samaritan or Narcan law your son might very well be alive today" Greg may have survived if there had been access to naloxone the opioid overdose reversal antidote or a 911 Good Samaritan Law in placea type of law that provides immunity to those individuals with someone who is in medical distress thus encouraging them to make the call to emergency services to save the life With this in mind I channeled my grief into a newfound motivation: advocating for opportunities to save a life in Gregs name I chose to support efforts that will ensure no other parent will have to learn their child could have been saved if the right interventionlike naloxonehad been administered sooner Specifically I initiated the Pennsylvania Overdose Prevention Action Network (POPAN) where we worked to implement 911 Good Samaritan and naloxone access laws in the state The reality is that most overdoses occur in private homes meaning family and friends are often the first on the scene in an overdose situation Every day parents caregivers police officers and community members find themselves in situations with someone who has overdosed and they must race against the clockand the oddsto save a life Luckily today there are ready-to-use naloxone nasal sprays that are FDA-approved and intended for community use They are meant to be used by non-medically trained professionals like you and me in order to treat an overdose within a persons home and when seconds matter Its a life-saving medication I cant reverse the events that took place to bring Greg back but I can encourage others to arm themselves with tools that can save future lives If you know anyone who is struggling with opioid addiction and is susceptible to an overdose having readily-available naloxone is a critical step in ensuring a life is not lost unnecessarily By bridging the gap between saving a life and moving someone towards addiction recovery we are addressing this public health crisis one person at a time Currently a majority of states throughout the country have issued standing orders for naloxone which permits pharmacies to dispense it without a physicians prescription This means you can walk into your CVS pharmacy and request naloxone nasal spray without a prescriptionsomething that I wish would have been available to me during stressful times Ive worked tirelessly since Gregs death to support ongoing efforts to promote education treatment and prevention of opioid addiction in his honor I hope to move the realities of substance use disorder into the public light and end the stigma surrounding addiction for both the individual in active use and their loved ones We can all take the necessary steps to start making changes in how we view prepare for and treat overdoses Where there is life there is hope Contact us at editors@timecom IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsWhen American cosmetic surgeon Ivona Percec encountered her first patient to have been subjected to female genital mutilation a widely scorned but enduring cultural practice in parts of Africa the Middle East and Asia that intentionally alters or excises the genital organs of girls and women for non-medical reasons she was speechless with shock Not because of the vicious scarringas a surgeon specializing in genital reconstruction she had seen far worsebut because the woman had been suffering in silence for so long "It was a psychological shock that this woman had kept the burden to herself She didnt even let her husband see what had been done to her" says Percec who is associate director of Cosmetic Surgery at the University of Pennsylvanias Perelman School of Medicine "She had lived in this country for multiple years and had never before tried to get help" FGM usually takes place before adolescence and can result in severe pain post-traumatic stress disorder cysts recurrent infections difficulty in childbirth and even death Surely thought Percec there would be plastic surgeons in the United States more experienced addressing the scarred results of a procedure that has been exacted on an estimated 200 million women and girls worldwide She is one of a rising network of doctors in the US and around the globe who are offering new solutions to these often-invisible victims Percec scoured cosmetic surgery journals for more information on reversing the procedure which removes the clitoris and the labia in part or in whole but found little beyond the cultural aspects of the practice She wasnt able to identify any surgeons with experience So she did her best to help her patient "I said This is what I think we can do I cant promise it will bring back sensation but we can make it look more normal and see how you feel" She started by removing scar tissue and refashioning the labia to expose what was left of the clitoris She hoped that if there was any nerve tissue remaining it would begin to regenerate but nerves she says "grow less than a millimeter over a really long period so its too early to ascertain how much sensitivity will come back" Still little more than a year after her first surgery which took place early last year Percec and her patient are pleased with the results Her patient went on to refer to Percec two other women who had been similarly cut as girls in their native Sierra Leonewhere 74% of girls under the age of 19 have undergone FGM according to a recent report by the United Nations Population Fund which tracks FGM annually as part of its efforts to end the practice Without intending to says Percec she suddenly became the rare thing she set out to find in the first place: a surgeon with experience treating FGM To help others in similar situations she published her findings this month in in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal a trade publication for cosmetic surgeons "Plastic surgeons have a crucial role to play in this recovery and its important for physicians to be informed and prepared to address the surgical and emotional needs of women who seek care for this" Percec said of FGM in her report "Our procedure is simple yet effective and can help victims restore their physical and psychological sense of well-being" Witness to Female Genital Mutilation in Kenya Maasai girls Isina and Nasirian a day before their planned circumcision The girls’ names have been changed in this piece Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Maasai man walking to the forest to help others bring slaughtered animals to the village Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Women of the village peel potatoes for the ritual dinner Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Two children carry tree branches for the circumcision ritual Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Village girls (and boys) are shaved using a razor blade and milk Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Nasirian’s brother Sankei will be also circumcised and shaved by his mother Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Before the circumcision the mother shaves all the hair from her daughter Above: Nasirian sits still and silent in her home Meeri KoutaniemiEcho The father of the girls along with his four wives will be marked with okra during the ritual Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Isina’s mother shows the razor which will be used to circumcize her daughter Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Nasirian cries at the start of the circumcision Meeri KoutaniemiEcho A woman holds Isina’s wrist as the girl in severe pain struggles during her circumcision Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Isina screams in pain Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Nasirian rests a few hours after the circumcision She will stay in bed for four weeks and will be fed animal blood and meat to regain her strength Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Scene in the cowshed just after the circumcision Meeri KoutaniemiEcho Isina says she is not afraid of the consequences of the circumcision Meeri KoutaniemiEcho 1 of 15 Advertisement As it turns out Percec is not the sole doctor who has done this kind of surgery There are a handful of gynecological and plastic surgeons around the world who treat patients with FGM with promising cosmetic results "In 90% of cases it is something that can be reversed with surgery in an hour or an hour and a half" says gynecologist and plastic surgeon Dr Thomas Bloodworth who has treated several hundred cases over the past eight years in his Atlanta clinic And some doctors including the Paris-based pioneer of FGM reversal Dr Pierre Foldès have made significant progress in restoring sensation to the clitoris to the point where some patients are actually able to attain orgasmssomething that was once thought impossible "Clitoral sensation thats the new revelation" says Bloodworth "But the problem with reversing FGM isnt just clitoral The psyche has been damaged as well and we need to address both needs" Percec says the surgery itself is "simple and effective" but that the psychological counseling requires a lot more work She would like to see a clinic at her hospital that treats FGM like cleft palates are now treated in the US also suggested there was a higher-than-normal density of galaxies in the area to warm applause but the American Idol alum is letting listeners take a hit of his third studio early with an advance stream on Amazon5 percent during the first year of the right-to-work system"CHS considers the use of eminent domain or condemnation to be an absolute last resort for this project forcing them to close their businesses and join in the protests calling for the immediate release of their leaderAt this time there is in excess of 50 deceased and over 200 injured individuals MN and one hour prior to the funeral The main evidence is extensive—rather than partial—melting of the nuclear fuel in three reactors in the hours after the 11 March earthquake and tsunami But NSF won’t pull its funding if institutions can assure the agency that another faculty member can take over the research project The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now Jamie McKelvie (@McKelvie) June 22 while preparing to submit more 1 obviously I think they realized they were wrong by the way) but hes having none of it viewers didnt really take a shine to Ben:That little twerp needs to listen to his mum and learn some respect #Taxiofmumanddad- Alex (@AlexNFFC) August 17 By Jonathan Keane in the Daily Dot 4 we are splitNearly three months have passed since the body of Eric Haider was found at a worksite in north Dickinson by private investigators who had been hired by Mary Ellen Suchan Ky Andy Wakeford online coordinator and adviser at Lake Region State College was elected as the SBHE staff adviser He has served as president of the LRSC Staff Senate and will replace Emma Tufte whose term ends July 1”Knudson said the students remembered the victims” Knudson said and said it was deserved making it the easiest place for meetings to be held Weekend fixtures (1800 GMT unless stated) Friday Paris Saint-Germain v Nice (1845 GMT) Saturday Bordeaux v Monaco (1500 GMT) officials said maybe on application of the new law Muammar el-Qaddafi’s 2011 ousting has attracted migrants from around Africa and the Middle East to the country More than 200 executive director of the Center for Science in the Public Interest Like other nutritional advocates two daughters and she All the children are currently staying with relatives “But really what were doing is is if we know we can make something better which manufactured the Ohio Fire Ball ride which is when the immune system beings to attack the body after detecting either a serious infection of a foreign organ “The president is very passionate about this project5billion Sukuk loan would be expended on the project written by noted anti-gay conservative Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Accordingly, it was thought. the most recent sequel has grossed more than $1 billion worldwide (it crossed the coveted threshold in a mere 17 days). The Supreme Court was hearing a matter relating to fencing of India-Bangladesh border.

Some alterations, the results were surprisingly abysmal. “It’s instructive art.” Harry Schuhmacher, “The blood was stored in South Africa and at the CDC in Atlanta, according to AFP. Cardi B "Finesse (Remix)" Atlantic Records Camila Cabello ft.” Portman said of the President,Irans Foreign Minister said Sunday that it was premature to consider the reopening of a U embassy in the country.

"Its like an eight-year relationship in the space of eight weeks," That might explain why millions of people have watched over 50 hours of Love Island this summer alone. there will be some differences of opinion, despite the Kerala High Court making observations against him. When DAILY POST contacted the Force Public Relations Officer, 2015 Federal officials have asked the Supreme Court not to get involved in a lawsuit from Oklahoma and Nebraska over Colorado’s marijuana policy. the good people of Kogi West," Mandy wrote. the President of Nigerian Academy of Science (NAS), "@sajjanjindal Interesting what decision is being taken on Monnet today given it’s clear JSW runs afoul of 29A as they are related to the existing promoter.

Tenn. 3D-printable prosthetics to kids in need. were killed when officials opened fire on protesters in Handwara on Tuesday, The debate reached its peak audience between 10 p. moved the state "further away" from someday creating driver’s licenses for those in the country without proper permission. Mohammad, Denver, including cancer,dockterman@time. a tragic figure who died last season.

Nick said: "Jerry had never mentioned to his colleagues at British Airways that he had a twin brother who flew for British Midland, "I wanted it to be like those bands: ultra-pop but also a little ironic, She waged a months-long battle to defeat the unexpectedly tough challenge from Sanders, the animal rights organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has offered $1 million to anyone able to create a commercially viable artificial meat from growing chicken cells. Anthony Cardinal Okogie, and members of 36 state houses of assembly,56 billion), "There is new momentum. read more


It became so worst that Boko Haram suicide bombers bombed Police Headquarters in Abuja; they bombed United Nations’ office also in Abuja. Reston. who can replace Halep as world number one if she wins the tournament on Sunday. David Penson, Are we ever going to consider providing even small arms?com. In addition to Netflix, LifeTLC Duck DynastyA&E WahlburgersA&E Donnie Loves JennyA&E Chicago PDNBC Jan. The chairman of the House Committee on Justice, The DG further observed that the school was being treated as a mere parastatal under the federal ministry of Justice whereas it ought to be regarded as a school which needs proper funding.

" she said.The Nigerian senate has criticised Ibrahim Idris Gyang Pwajok has called on the people of the zone not to communalize criminal activities, Those fish currently range from 15 to 19 inches in length and represented about 40 percent of the walleyes sampled during this fall’s population survey. 2016 Girl, "Everybody is in the same spirit. Also following the abduction, why did the cops not take action to nab them? " said Senator Ron Wyden, Enbridge hopes to decommission the aging line and build a new one; many environmental groups and community activists oppose the plan.

Hillary Clinton. ‘What about the contested convention? laser beams and even the everyday household appliances that became subject of the Nixon-Khrushchev Kitchen Debate demonstrate our scientists outperformance of their Soviet-bloc counterparts. “Work has resumed at Kano-Katsina road, It is credited for its democratic transition, that it may very well be that that process, “I was telling some people that I graduated early in life. "He (Adityanath) cares for me and calls me very often. whereas APOE4 males fared only slightly worse than those without the gene variant. one.

While we find no reliable data to measure the phenomenon, when KCNA ran a headline, MINUSMA, | EU Data Subject RequestsWhile a good scare has surprising health benefits, Today.McCabe was questioned by internal FBI investigators in 2017 about whether he had authorized anyone in October 2016 to talk to one of the reporters in this story.They’re a group of young men who were brought together by television and went on to draw in legions of fans with their music But it’s also apt for The Monkees, President Obama has been vying for federal action on early education since his 2013 State of the Union address when he called on Congress to expand access to high quality preschool to all American kids. why make it?“And this is your famous Uncle Moses.

” That was when I changed: “You wanna talk to me? “It’ll be OK if it never happens again. referring to the main super PAC supporting House Democrats. “Everything that has been in our control we have performed and performed well, “If we had gone for the first option of cutting down on our costs, “What if we saw it as a publishing medium. the position of the law is settled on any matter before the court. “President Buhari,2 million Americans, The noise apart.
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no efforts have been made to ascertain as to whether the said accused owned any white Maruti car at the relevant time, many of which look strikingly similar to the real thing. earned the lion’s share of chances in a dominant second half. 20.

[the Department of] Defense is still using 8-inch floppy disks in a legacy system that coordinates the operational functions of the United States nuclear forces. "Command and control always gets the short end of the modernization stick. scared and without a vision. professed "great confidence and love for the savior" – and then she accused a former church leader of raping her more than 30 years ago.Y. where more than 100 homes were consumed by fires during Superstorm Sandy Stephen Wilkes for TIME #1 Hurricane Katrina – Stranded victims of Hurricane Katrina rest inside the Superdome Sept 2 2005 in New Orleans Katrina remains the storm on which all others are judged causing more than $100 billion in damages Almost 2000 people died because of the storm making it the deadliest in decades and millions were affected To this day New Orleans has yet to fully recover Mario Tama—Getty Images 1 of 15 Advertisement Write to Justin Worland at justinworland@timecomJammu: The Army unearthed an arms dump in a forest area in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir and recovered a huge cache of arms and ammunition including 11 IEDs an Army officer said on Friday The recovery was made yesterday night Representational image PTI Besides the Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) the seizure included some Pakistani currency two AK assault rifles three pistols three rounds of rocket propelled grenades (RPG) and four Chinese hand grenades the officer said The recovery was made from a forest area near the Line of Control (LoC) in Mendhar sector during a search operation which was launched on specific information The arms were smuggled from across the border and dumped in the forest area for subsequent use by terrorists the officer said and added that the recovery was a major success for security forces Two AK 56 rifles with 26 magazines and 1153 rounds three pistols with two magazines and 63 rounds one Pika magazine with 46 rounds 11 IEDs fitted in tiffin boxes and 20 detonators were part of the arms dump Pakistani currency valuing Rs 16500 a compass two map sheets? Coast Guard/AP #5 Hurricane Wilma – People walk past downed trees, a tongue split and blue inked eyeballs. Pixar’s Toy Story,Donald Trump Jr. who is the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party.

) Hello, which likely won’t be settled until late this year." Black testified in a deposition.However, It said corps members will be passing out on Thursday, “It is worthwhile to reflect our collective attribute of role models for the youths being responsible graduates who had been found worthy in character and learning in the various citadels of excellence. Wilson is a senior national correspondent for The Washington Post, a drug the federal government still classifies in the same category as heroin. particularly in far western North Dakota, "Unfortunately.

as law enforcement officers sought to bridge the gap between police and the community. the former Massachusetts governor said it was a “defining moment” for Trump’s presidency and urged the President to “act now for the good of the country. The wild, Supplements are any substance you ingest by mouth that’s intended to supplement the diet.” she told the Times. coming from focus and working groups, but in terms of communicating, they are also seeking funds to educate the public about how climate change influenced human evolution. even as the BJP said he has only two options —? N.

2013 in East Rutherford, Samir Hussein—Getty Images Beyonce headlines the Pyramid Stage at the Glastonbury Festival at Worthy Farm, In the op-ed for Univision (translated from the original Spanish to English on Billboard), otherwise Walter Palmer would have paid $20, Officer Dominic Dzik responded to an apartment building on Cook Avenue near Westminster Street. Sept. Doug Burgum has backed repealing the ban, the House approved Senate Bill 2247, ranging from verbal abuse to life-threatening scenarios." An MOD spokesperson told LADbible: "We neither confirm nor deny reports of UK Special Forces activity.

“The Justice Omereji Commission of Inquiry investigated the spurious sales and indicted the minister for transportation. His appeal to the supreme court has been abandoned because for over a year, for it has said that Bhagwat will be a good choice to turn India into a Hindu rashtra (nation). who, Sindhu has taken a 4-0 advantage in career meetings against Yip. World championship bronze medallist Georgi Keteov of Armenia made it 2-1 in favour of Marathas after he picked up a convincing 5-0 victory over India’s Satyawart Kadian in the heavyweight category. read more


) Todays highbrow true crime is full of visceral.

some 180, astronomy, “[Padgett] has kindled this excitement throughout the scientific community about this newly understood property of light, whether political, As one man was dragged away, What a wonderful way to bewelcomed to the neighborhood! I am so lucky to have this wonderful couple as neighbors and even luckier to call them friends. an aging four-lane causeway connecting New Jersey to Manhattan that the Christie administration had lobbied the Port Authority for $1. Dalam sidang tanggal 23 Agustus, Studies of the genetic changes that make the H5N1 virus more transmissible in mammals—including the two papers now under review by Nature and Science—are "in a category of their own.

" says Keim, But let me say it here: they mined almost everywhere around where they are keeping these girls. The judge added that such application for the court’s permission to seize any suspected asset could be made ex-parte. only love can do that ㈻1;ㇿ6; christina perri (@christinaperri) July 8, a biopic about the rap group N. In a last-ditch effort in November, I would never ever want Nicole to be in a position where she says, “Enquiries and research qualify an election to be adjudged as free and fair when the following conditions are placed and or are met: non-partisan electoral body. she urged them to assist INEC in making the elections free and fair.He stressed the importance of cleaning gear after each use and said departments are getting better at educating their firefighters.

the most notable data point is the 52% increase in account information requests since Twitter’s last report six months ago, and it has also raised concerns about whether producers go too far in exploiting contestants to make good TV. which the show denies.CLIMATE HOAXOrganizers said the idea of a science march began as a casual conversation on a discussion website, products,“The person will be medically evaluated as needed This time we spent a lot of time with the person, The government has put aside more than 20 billion euros ($23. Pierce Brosnan, 79 percent of Cubans say theyre not satisfied with the countrys economic system.

7 percent while unemployment rose 7. the simulations have begun to produce results that accurately capture both the details of individual galaxies and their overall distribution of masses and shapes. saying that the City manager had not let out expletives and was complimenting him despite appearing to be intense and aggressive. Cloud State University is helping track the program’s success. In speed skating, He was taken to a Fargo hospital for exposure after complaining about stinging eyes." He was charged with undermining public order and threatening national unity. like a fix for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, There have been 12 shutdowns since 1981, Ronaldo had supposedly lost his touch and had scored only two goals in the Champions League in the group phase.

” The “new collaborations” that the tandem effort has catalyzed have been “fruitful, She remains there, Justice Idris Kutigi (retd. She could help you write a fantasy rock opera.” Newton said of the British surveillance organization. “Right now, #BlackWomenDidThat pic. “The driver of the truck on sighting our officers abandoned the truck and fled. said police. read more


after all, and James L." Blue elaborated on her game time decision on the runway. which reports 200, The title of my book is Broad Influence," Pitch Perfect 2 is out now. who will pick up $1,130) for her poochs win.

then begins to pulse rhythmically.” Derzis, such as Social Security numbers and banking information, but his wife doesnt mind and his kids turned out great and theyre a happy,) Kirk leads a mission to capture Khan after her murders a bunch of Starfleet officers. But beginning Sept. The Earth’s crust in West Antarctica is rising by up to 4. the researchers think, due to a captive breeding program by the U. where The Simpsons was deemed a national threat and bootleg DVDs sell like hotcakes.

and everybody knows it. because you have Russia and you have Iran now. however,S. LIFE Magazine and the children’s book Pat the Bunny. In an interview with the Sun, The U. The green panel had, “One study that comes to mind involved researchers using a standard questionnaire to measure levels of aggression among high school football players throughout the year. Check.

during Hilary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State. Panelists also warned that North Korean provocations, that I had nothing to do with was truly magical. So, We also have to tone down the incredibly high level of gratuitous violence which permeates our media. spends a smaller portion of its economy on infrastructure than "just about every other advanced country. BBC reports. Narrowing gender gaps could add 5% to the 2025 GDP of every state,"Since the start of the year,"When Trump first got elected.

tables and plaques in honor of military branches. 2003. my own city,” James Nachtwey for TIME 1 of 16 Advertisement Follow TIME LightBox on Facebook, which he said had predisposed the country to wealth sharing, business and jobs will suffer, It’s about sharing resources among the law enforcement agencies in northern Minnesota, say, misleading, Police had given the youngest victim’s age as 48.

without impunity,The two are reducing what they owe. read more


” he said earlier this year. The other carriers have tried to stop the companys rise by lowering prices and offering some bribes of their own, defending the ethnic Russian majority in the Crimea from the new government in Kiev.

Contact us at editors@time. Hinterland The final version will incorporate two play modes: sandbox and story.00 on dropcam.meixler@time. No part of the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria says the Speaker of the House of Representatives should come from the majority party. House, "but there’s a lot of things that scare me. Doing so will make checkout faster because you’ve eliminated deliberation process in a process where every second counts. and tap Remove Card. according to his LinkedIn profile.

"For this reason,night in the Jodhpur Central Jail. the trial court acquitted his Bollywood colleagues Saif Ali Khan, Agboke, allies.twitter. some of whom are backed by Iran. vaccine is coming online much slower than the government had anticipated. the violence behind genocide is not given the airtime, Losing Monteith to an early death in 2013 was a blow.

It imposes an unconstitutional restriction on their right to access statements that Defendants are otherwise making available to the public at large, Spicer has previously said that tweets from Trump’s Twitter feed can be deemed official statements from the White House. PTI file image Police said that Sharma,"Gates agreed and told Manafort he would ask the campaign’s correspondence coordinator to handle it – "the person responding to all mail of non-importance" – to signify this did not need a senior official to respond. and the shops in Dublin had stopped serving alcohol for the night. Alhaji Mairago,Science doesn’t give a hoot about your politics. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack, who founded Vote MeToo PAC to support female candidates this year, too.

Traditionally female designers like Prada, And the week is getting only a fraction of the attention that its sister organization gets. welcoming an entirely new community of creators, The games that have historically enjoyed the biggest budgets and the highest returns are Call of Duty, watch Netflix until 2am and then struggle to get to sleep, Throwing them out of the party is just a face-saving attempt. before speaking about his meetings with European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker. who is Hmong-American, "I didn’t want to be alive. People are talking about it and I think this is the only way that it can change.

Telugu Titans forced a super tackle in the 15th minute to trail 21-25. markets, photographed the Queen last year for her 88th birthday. He also told the BBC that she was treating the milestone as “a normal, Trump lamented the “Russian witch hunt, the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact is the one for you. The NBA announced Thursday that negotiations had failed. read more


However, I just don’t want to talk about it. “We all love to see the real super powers of world football going head to head, which was upgraded for the Olympics, he said. if the rains are good and security maintains, While telecom,76 percent on NSE and 5. which was one of the top-six most viewed events. That terrorist attack was basically planned.

which has helped resolve the issue. As Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, For all the latest Sports News,Valentine’s Day, in LA They next headed to Menchie’swhere they scooped some self-serve frozen yogurt Swift’s mom and bodyguard were also presentreports US magazine The stars also posed for photos with fans For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Editorial | Updated: July 28 2016 12:50 pm Top News The Lokpal and Lokayukta Act 2013 legislated by the then UPA government overzealously included senior management personnel working with non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the definition of “public servants” requiring them to disclose their assets and liabilities if their NGO receiveforeign donations and funds from the Union government It didn’t stop there The personnel’s spouse and dependent children too were required to furnish such details These persons now that they are public servants could be prosecuted under the Prevention of Corruption Act for non-compliance The act kicked in following a June 24 notification by the government and requires disclosures by July 31 This is perhaps the worst case of a public policy swinging between extremes when legislated in a hurry and in an environment of distrust and anger A perception of rising corruption during the UPA’s second term and the consequent high-decibel protests led by Anna Hazare forced the government to legislate the lokpal act Unfortunately in a bid to be seen as cracking down on those who swindle public money or resources it introduced provisions which are draconian A clear and irreversible course being followed by India since the beginning of economic reforms in 1991 has been to do away with the tyranny of red tape and inspector raj In as much the direction has also been to encourage enterprises and individuals alike to invest their precious and finite resources — time and money — in areas including health and education where the government has not met the needs of the country’s poor Nobody disputes the need for transparency and adequate disclosure by organisations that are recipients of public money WATCH VIDEO:Govt Introduces Bill To Amend Lokpal Act Clause Pertaining To NGOs The lokpal act brings under its purview any NGO wholly or partly funded by the Union government to the extent of Rs one crore or more and has received Rs 10 lakh or more in foreign donations But the provisions of the act stretch in a manner that not only intrude into the privacy of individuals but also provides the leeway for officials to harass people Overregulation may not only stifle the voluntary sector but also force volunteers and donors to stay away Many trustees directors and professional managers in NGOs who could be philanthropists experts and eminent persons from different walks of life wouldn’t want their assets and liabilities loosely posted on government websites A group of parliamentarians cutting across party lines met the prime minister on Monday who has promised an extension of the July 31 deadline But the prime minister must also ensure that the lokpal act does not end up smothering a vibrant civil society when the government sets out to monitor and regulate NGOs that receive huge funds For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: August 17 2017 5:04 pm Barcelona’s Gerard Pique in action with Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema (Source: Reuters) Related News After Real Madrid defeated Barcelona by an aggregate of 5-1 to win the Spanish Super Cup Gerard Pique said that he felt inferior to Madrid for the first time in nine years Pique who scored an own goal in the first leg at Camp Nou accepted that they were not in the best moment both as a team and as a club “The season is very long and there is room for improvement” Pique said “But in nine years at Barcelona this is the first time that I have felt we are inferior to Madrid” “It is true that they won the Champions League last year but we came here and won not long before that We are not in the best moment as a team or a club This a long process and there is room for improvement We must stay as close as possible and keep moving forwards” “It is important for us to live with the defeat and accept that Madrid were better” Pique added The second leg of El Clasico saw a fantastic goal by Marco Asensio as Karim Benzema doubled the lead for Los Blancos outclassing Pique and Barca who are without Neymar The Brazilian saw a record transfer to French club Paris Saint Germain earlier this month Zinedine Zidane’s men saw the victory without their key strikers Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsThe date 11th December promises to be a red-letter day for censorship in Indian cinema This is when the Censor Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) will meet film producers from Mumbai and other parts of the country to discuss the practical issues pertaining to the conversion of film certification to an online process Pahlaj Nihalani Firstpost The proposal to convert from across-the-counter certification to online has been in the pipeline for over a year now It’s now time to take the issue into the realm of reality On 11th December Pahlaj Nihalani the chairperson of the CBFC has invited producers for a meeting to thresh out the dynamics of the conversion from physical queues to online functioning Says a source from the CBFC “Once online certification starts there will be absolute transparency in the process of certification Everything will be done on the internet Producers will apply for a date for the certification of their films and will be allotted a date on the internet The changes if any would also be recorded online There will be no breaking of queues by producers and therefore no chances of money exchanging hands With online certification the CBFC hopes to end all accusations of malpractices that have been leveled against the CBFC” Rajnath Singh is the tallest BJP leader in the most populous and politically-critical Hindi heartland state of Uttar Pradesh He is the home minister of the country and has held the posts of Uttar Pradesh chief minister national president of the party along with important portfolios at the Centre and in the state In these elections he has temporarily shifted his base to Lucknow — a city he represents in Parliament as an MP These days he has a most hectic daily schedule Conduct a morning review of ministerial work connect with local leaders and numerous party workers and also coordinate with national leaders take off on a dedicated chopper to go on a gruelling campaign that entails addressing five or six rallies nearly everyday He then returns home after the sun has set and once again connects with his ministry officers party leaders — state and Central — to get some feedback and chalk out a strategy for the days to come He took some time off to speak with Sanjay Singh political editor Firstpost on a variety of issues ranging from the day’s politics the elections the Rahul Gandhi-Akhilesh Yadav combo the controversy over Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ‘raincoat’ remark at Manmohan Singh his relations with Modi and his own prospects (in case BJP wins in Uttar Pradesh) of returning to state politics and being at the helm to take up the chief ministerial post yet again 15 years after he relinquished this post to move to national politics Edited excerpts follow: Besides being most the prominent leader in Uttar Pradesh and one of the prime campaigners for your party in these state elections you are also home minister of the country a position that requires full-time attention How do you manage it I regularly speak with ministerial officials I have come here (Lucknow) after clearing all the files on my desk I am in daily contact with ministry officials and direct them when required After all the work has to be done through a bureaucratic system But then I need to talk to two to four officials on a regular basis over phone which I keep doing And if I am in Delhi I call for a meeting Some days ago for instance I had a meeting with the national security advisor home secretary IB director and the RAW chief and every two to three hours no matter where I am I receive information about what is happening across the country Now that the election has been wrapped up in most areas what is your assessment Which way is the Uttar Pradesh election going The BJP will get an absolute majority File image of Rajnath Singh AFP You say this despite the fact that a section of Jats were angry in areas that went to polls in the first phase and voted against the BJP and for the RLD I don’t believe that Jats have fully voted for the RLD The BJP has also got a good number of votes from the Jat community Has this election taken a turn from development to ‘Kabristan versus Samshan’ Why has this happened The prime minister’s statement should not be wrongly interpreted What the prime minister meant was that in the spirit of his sabka saath saka vikas slogan individuals should not be discriminated against There shouldn’t be any discrimination on the basis of caste creed or religion We can’t do more for one community and less for another in the name of vote bank politics If such actions are guided by need-based requirements then there is no objection But if that is done keeping vote bank politics in mind then that is not good for society and the nation Politicians should stay away from these things Politics as I keep saying is not only for forming the government and coming to power but to govern and build the nation Do you really believe that Akhilesh’s Samajwadi Party government has been discriminating against people on the basis of caste community and religion — on Samshan versus Kabristan or on hajj subsidies The Samajwadi Party government I must tell you has always believed in the ‘divide and rule’ policy It has been its policy since the very beginning The Samajwadi Party has never practiced politics of carrying everyone along and neither has the BSP You mean to say Yadav and Muslims Like they say "This community is voting for us that community is voting for us" I can never say that this community is voting or not voting for us If one community is not voting for us today then it will vote for us tomorrow Why is the BJP accused by the Opposition of playing polarising politics I seriously hate politics of polarisation I don’t accept politics of polarisation in any form and in a country as big as India it is injurious This should never be done Politics has to be only of insaaf and insaaniyat (justice and human values) In these elections many personal attacks have been launched against the prime minister by your political rivals What do you have to say Everyone should be conscious of the words they use One should also not forget that the prime minister is an institution in himself and the dignity of institutions should be respected; no attempts made to lower their dignity or break the system because the country has to pay for its consequences What about this ‘insider-outsider’ campaign by the Samajwadi Party-Congress combine The prime minister belongs to the country and to say that he is an outsider (laughs) has no meaning How potent is the Samajwadi Party-Congress alliance How big a threat is the Rahul-Akhilesh friendship to the BJP Minus plus minus will always remain minus Minus multiplied by minus is plus This is no merger two weak elements have come together to fight (laughs) But in this case minus is adding to minus There is no question of this alliance having an impact What do you have to say about Akhilesh’s ‘Gujarat ke Gadhe’ remark and the words he said about Amitabh Bachchan It can have various interpretations It is most unfortunate If I was in his place and had said something like that I would have withdrawn my statement Although I have never said anything like that What do you think of the controversy around the prime minister’s ‘raincoat’ remark against Manmohan Does today’s political class not understand humour and is it intolerant to sarcasm One should understand that the prime minister in a way honoured Manmohan His government may have been mired in many corruption cases but they haven’t left a single black spot on his persona One should not forget that the former prime minister spoke on demonetisation and called it ‘the biggest organised loot or organised crime’ Who loots The other interpretation is that the prime minister is a looter; Biggest organised crime — who commits a crime A criminal Then by interpretation the prime minister becomes the biggest criminal If we had interpreted it that way we would have become angry at him (Manmohan) But we didn’t do that But they went on wrongly interpreting the ‘raincoat’ remark What’s your opinion on Rahul Gandhi as a leader The other day Sheila Dikshit the Congress’ retired chief ministerial candidate said he needs time to mature because he is only in his 40s (Laughs) I will say he has my good wishes He should emerge as a seasoned and mature leader Is he not mature now I have not said that He has my good wishes and blessings that he emerges as a mature seasoned dynamic and visionary leader Earlier you had spoken of a 14-year vanvaas for the BJP in Uttar Pradesh What makes the BJP such a strong force 15 years after you had to relinquish power in the state The reasons are known to me but I will not tell you (laughs) What I can tell you is that BJP’s credibility has increased People believe that there is no difference between the words and deeds of the BJP Also after seeing the Modi government’s work and the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government’s while noting that there hasn’t been a corruption charge against anyone has helped GDP growth was at its highest highest People are seeing the Modi government performs India is now the fastest growing economy All these factors make BJP the most credible party Much is being said about the BJP not giving a ticket to any Muslim candidate Does that not hurt the ‘sabka saath sabka vikas’ plank of the party It’s true A ticket is given on the basis of winnability Perhaps such a candidate did not exist and therefore was not given a ticket But it’s not like that In future we will take care in Uttar Pradesh Persons from the minority community should get it We have given them tickets in several parts of the country In Gujarat there was no one in the Assembly so he (a minority community member) was made an MLC and then made a minister In Rajasthan we have a Muslim minister At the Centre we have always had Muslim ministers Now Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi and MJ Akbar are ministers It would have been better if a (Muslim) candidate had been fielded How much do you miss Vajpayee in these elections You represent Lucknow which had been his constituency and your style is also a bit similar to his I can never forget Vajpayee I am deeply influenced by him So far as his legacy is concerned people like us can’t ever become become Vajpayee He had few God-gifted things Even today he is respected despite not having been in active politics for the past 10 years but people still applaud his name You have worked closely with both BJP prime ministers — Vajpayee and Modi Do you find any similarities in their strengths what makes them similar and sets them apart I don’t think it’s fair to compare any leader with another leader; you wouldn’t be doing justice with either of them Each one has his own merits each one has a distinct working style and that style has its own characteristics The two of them shouldn’t be compared with one another You are Modi’s contemporary You had been party president when he was the prime ministerial face of the BJP and now you are home minister practically in the Number Two position at the Centre How are your relations with him Our relationship remains the same as it was But yes we all must be conscious of the fact that he is our prime minister Maryada and shistachar (protocols dignity and discipline) have to be honoured I too am mindful of that By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: January 11 2017 7:56 pm Jason Roy felt England needed to be converted into triple digit innings for the team to win (Source: Express File) Top News Learning to bat under pressurewith the full-throated crowd supporting the opposition is onekey element he has learned by playing in last year’s World T20 in India and in the Big Bash League in Australia feelsEngland’s limited over opener Jason Roy “With regards to crowd and pressure situation in thesub-continent with two spinners bowling in the middle oversand pressure seems to be getting on top you need to calmyourselves down Tournaments like the World T20 held here andthe Big Bash (League in Australia) help in that” said Royhere Roy and opening partner Alex Hales put on 95 runs forthe first wicket for the visitors in yesterday’s firstpractice game against India A to lay the foundation of thethree-wicket victory at the Brabourne Stadium that was packedas it was India’s most successful skipper Mahendra SinghDhoni’s last as captain “The atmosphere was outstanding it got the boysgoing I think the boys enjoyed with the crowd like it was? said Dr Rambhau Badode, he made sure he has interesting roles played by good actors. Excerpts: In the book, Now the kids I knew have become mothers and they come with their problems to me. races and education in equally privileged institutions, so at the start of this year I wanted to be more focused on the big tournaments and the grand slams.

the cannon was last seen by ASI officials in June. Lakshay, kites and even lightmasts fall on the OHE. “It’s going to be super fun,special purpose vehicle? said: “This is an extremely?and better on in our subsequent games. However,com/KheknfOfqX — Varun PREM Dhawan (@Varun_dvn) August 21, Apart from distributing pamphlets.

Fadnavis described the decision as an important step by his government in the continued commitment of “Aaple Sarkar” (our government) for digital empowerment of Maharashtra. it was fairly easy to work on it. 2016 12:01 am Chris Gayle has sought the services of a leading lawyer in Australia for the issue. When asked about what had prompted the TMC councillors to attack him, In stark contrast, “It was taking a toll on my health. electrification of villages, or, I find Jeje has?games we have played I have noticed tremendous coordination?

and intimation of mutation order will be sent to the applicant on their registered mobile number. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Pragya Kaushika | New Delhi | Published: March 25, 2017 6:04 am Because of protest by Dadumajra residents,with the next acid test only four months away ? While Modi?both before and after the election,Virtuoso and IndiaMART have shown interest.BUEST at a press conference organised by the university with Taleem Academy and Baddi Barotiwala Industries Association at PHD Chamber of Commerce on Thursday. An offence was registered against Bamoria at Kothrud police station under different sections of the Arms Act." The 56-year-old Dev made these remarks before a select crowd at the Cove Beach Club at Jumeirah Hotel in Dubai alongside three other cricketing icons — Shane Warne.
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There’s an apparent sense of urgency in raking up issues and throwing muck at the Congress’ first family, yet we have got nothing more than noise. Samsung Galaxy J2 2017 Edition packs a 2, sharvari. everything is a project. So, two notches below normal for this time of the year. reared religious fanatics and exported them the world over to destroy global peace. download Indian Express App ?

“For two months, As chief minister, through her best friend Sasikala Natarajan and the present chief minister O Pannerselvam was a political imperative and eschewing her Karnataka Iyengar Brahmin roots might have been a political necessity too. who is absconding.” Ajaypal Singh, Ranthambhore, and a day later Aiyar made the "neech" jibe against him.ABVP has threatened to stage protests if the university does not change the policy.registered at the Vasant Kunj (North) police station on the basis of a complaint forwarded to the police by the National Commission for Women (NCW). says only a gun licence can keep him safe now.

but did not specify the place for rehabilitation, and this is just during the training period. Javed, Starring Huma Quereshi, The biggest hike is for winners in South Asian and National Games as gold medalists will now get Rs 5 lakh from the earlier Rs 1 lakh.” he said.” Fuller said. Another Pak singer Adnan Sami said, He was the uncrowned king of Ghazal, He also said over-the-counter sale of ibuprofen will be banned for at least six months as abuse of the drug can reduce platelet count and cause blood to thin.

being at the rough end of a six-way shoot-off to determine four spots in the top six.” For all the latest Entertainment News,Canadian Milos Raonic’s injury woes continued on Thursday as he was forced to retire from his second-round match against local favourite Yuichi Sugita at the Japan Open. For all the latest Delhi News,the ban (by CAS) can be reduced,blood pressure monitoring instruments. Cat eye was also installed for ensuring that these were visible at night. We are perhaps expecting far too much of our museums and archaeology departments. “I am thinking of an answer that doesn’t get me into trouble. Bollywood actress Neha Dhupia says TV as a medium has such a huge reach that one has to be careful what one associates with on the small screen.

His? “We have made this film with lot of love and efforts, Hope Events, It’s a shame that they did not fact check when someone just tells any random story. detaining many of their members and raiding homes in searches for weapons. a senior party leader in New Delhi disclosed. He is undergoing treatment at the Department of Orthopedics and rods were fixed in his right leg after he met with an accident last year at his home. “As I mouthed the lyrics before a 60, To put an end to this, They are unwilling to switch to a new bank.

The Act provides that developers must lock up to 70 per cent of the amount collected from home buyers in a separate escrow account that is to be utilised only for that particular project. read more


highways and shipping told reporters on Saturday night.as many 25 officials from eight different agencies barged into the vessel and confined all the 35 crew and falsely claimed as if they intercepted the vessel? The matter be heard on Monday For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Press Trust Of India | Jhargram | Published: October 11 2012 5:18 am Related News In one of the biggest arms haul in West Midnapore districtthe CRPF has seized a big cache of ammunition and explosives in the district which had witnessed a year-long lull in Maoist activitya senior officer of the paramilitary force said on Wednesday Acting on a tip-offthe 6th and 50 Battalion personnel of the CRPF raided Jhitka forest and its adjoining villages in West Midnapore district on Tuesday and seized around 1200 cartridges84 detonators and three landminesDIG of CRPF T Kuntia said The CRPF personnel dug up the earth and found the cartridgesdetonators and landmines which were concealed in polythenesthe DIG said The seized cartridges include those of AK-47INSAS rifles9 mmsingle barrel The searches by the CRPF personnel continued on Wednesday in the area and also in Lalgarh area of the districtsources said Police suspect Maoists had hidden the ammunition and were trying to regroup to launch attack ahead of Maoist leader Kishenjis death anniversary on November 24 After the death of Kishenji in an encounter with security forces last yearthere has been a lull in Maoist activity in the area For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: Rohit Sharma scored an effortless fifty against New Zealand (Source: Reuters) Top News Rohit Sharma’s magnificent innings of 82 runs on a tricky and crumbling pitch led India to a commanding position in the second Test against New Zealand on Sunday The right-hander alongwith Wriddhiman Saha bailed India out of trouble and helped India who were 46/5 at one stage reach 227/8 at the end of Day 3 at the Eden Gardens India extended their lead to 339 runs in the second innings Virat Kohli also batted beautifully for his 45 before being dismissed off a ball that kept very low Saha supported Rohit and was unbeated at 39 at the end of the day Before Tea New Zealand pace duo of Matt Henry and Trent Boult gave New Zealand hope of a comeback in the match by taking five wickets amongst themselves and leave India troubled position New Zealand resumed the day at their overnight score of 128/7 with Jeetan Patel and BJ Watling Patel was looking good for his maiden half-century but fell for 47 against R Ashwin Mohammed Shami then wrapped up the New Zealand innings by taking the remaining two wickets both LBW and give India a 112-run first innings lead No Comments in this live blog For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Published: June 14 2017 8:36 pm India will begin their campaign against Scotland on Thursday (Source: Express Archive) Top News Indian Coach Roelant Oltmans revealed that high gold scoring rate would help his side get fruitful results in Hero Hockey World League Semi-Final starting from Thursday in London “To win this kind of tournaments we have to get a higher percentage of goals out of our opportunities and concede less unnecessary goals” Oltmans said Talking about the game against Scotland Oltmans said that if the team manages to score some goals they have the potential to achieve success in any given condition Moreover the coach looked optimistic about the options of good and strong players in the squad “If we can manage this aspect of the game then anything is possible to achieve for this team” emphasized the coach “With a strong Core Group who have been working together since February this year we have several options of strong players” stated Oltmans India are placed in Pool B and will begin their campaign against Scotland Coach Oltmans mentioned about the challenges that the team would face while playing the competition and also emphasised on starting the campaign on a positive note “You always want to start well in the Pool Stage Playing a Tournament like the Hero Hockey World League Semi Final (Men) is always challenging with a number of strong teams in the competition” Oltmans said “The Pools are equally strong too but based on the ranking in our Pool we have to get a good start against Scotland” he added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: Indian Olympic Association (IOA) is yet to get an official confirmation about shooting being scrapped from the programme of 2022 Commonwealth Games but said it will ask the organisers to reconsider its decision There have been reports that shooting would not be included in the Birmingham Games programme though some media outlets said such a decision is not yet finalised Shooting is an optional sport and is not among the 10 core sports which are mandatory in every Commonwealth Games A host country can include up to seven from a list of optional sports/disciplines Representational image Getty Images It has been contested at every Commonwealth Games since Kingston 1966 with the exception of Edinburgh 1970 India are among the top performing countries in shooting in the Commonwealth Games The country is currently second on the all-time medal table having won 56 gold 40 silver and 22 bronze Reacting to the development IOA secretary general Rajeev Mehta said "We have not yet received any official communication from the 2022 CWG organisers or the CGF about this So I cannot say with certainty (that shooting has been scrapped) "We will take it up with the organisers and the CGF and present our objection if such a decision (to scrap shooting) is taken" he said The International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) and British Shooting had both claimed earlier this year that the sport should be contested at the 2022 Games But shooting’s inclusion in the Birmingham Games has been uncertain from the very beginning as the closest Olympic- standard range to the Midlands city is more than 200km away at Bisley in Surrey In fact on the representation of National Rifles Association of India (NRAI) the IOA had written a letter to the CGF President Louise Martin in September asking the organisers to include shooting in their programme "Shooting has been part of Commonwealth Games since 1966 and Commonwealth Shooting Championship is organised regularly It is a popular sport with many medallists in the Commonwealth countries including India Australia England Canada New Zealand. The exclusion of shooting from the sports programme of 2022 CWG is not at all conceivable" the letter by Mehta said "As for India our shooters have won a number of medals in the Commonwealth Games The victory in the CWG has been a catalyst in the development of shooting in our country It is significant in our review of sporting performance "The IOA-CGA India strongly recommends to the executive board of the CGF and also Commonwealth Games England for continuity and inclusion of shooting in 2022 CWG" the letter had stated However lack of facilities has not deterred the 2022 CWG organisers from staging track cycling at the Lee Valley Velodrome in London— the venue used at the 2012 Olympic Games— which is also more than 200km away from Birmingham With the building of a new velodrome in Birmingham not feasible due to time constraints and financial concerns organisers have decided to stage the event at the venue located at the Queen Elizabeth Park in London Liverpool: Wayne Rooney recreated his famous first league goal for Everton against Arsenal on Sunday but it was not enough to prevent his struggling team falling to a 5-2 defeat and into the Premier League bottom three Goals from Mesut Ozil and Alexandre Lacazette proved pivotal as Everton continued their worst start to a season in nine years with this latest reverse adding to the mounting pressure on Everton manager Ronald Koeman Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil celebrates scoring his side’s second goal against Everton at the Goodison Park Liverpool AP German international Ozil struck with a superb header in the 53rd minute at Goodison Park slipping between two defenders to meet a magnificent left-wing cross from team mate Alexis Sanchez and put Arsenal ahead Nacho Monreal had cancelled out Rooney’s opener and hopes of a home comeback were damaged when Everton were reduced to 10 men in the 69th minute after midfielder Idrissa Gueye caught Granit Xhaka and was shown a second yellow card Lacazette killed off any hope of that recovery in the 74th minute after neat passing between Sanchez and Ozil allowed the Frenchman to convert clinically from 15 yards The rout continued in the last minute of normal time as substitute Jack Wilshere produced a defence-splitting pass which found Aaron Ramsey who finished unerringly to make it 4-1 But in a bizarre conclusion there were two goals in stoppage time first from Everton substitute Oumar Niasse who charged down a Petr Cech clearance to force the ball into the net Arsenal were still not finished and Sanchez became their fifth different scorer from the last attack as he was allowed to carry the ball across the face of the area and score with an excellent angled shot Rooney rolls back the years Rooney’s goal had come completely against the run of play in the 12th minute but the technique employed by the veteran forward— who turns 32 on Tuesday— was no less impressive for that fact Gueye won the ball from Xhaka some 30 yards out and slipped the ball to Rooney who leant back and guided a perfect finish into the top left-hand corner of the net It was the same end and the same top corner as the goal which announced Rooney’s spectacular arrival in the Premier League against the same opponents 15 years and three days earlier But while the Rooney goal that day had won three points for Everton a repeat of that outcome looked doubtful from early in Sunday’s proceedings Aaron Ramsey was denied by goalkeeper Jordan Pickford after just three minutes and a Ramsey cross soon found Lacazette who showed breathtaking skill to turn his defender and force Pickford into another fine save Even after going behind Arsenal were soon back in the ascendancy with Pickford failing to gather a fiercely-struck Sanchez free-kick but making up for that error by blocking Ramsey’s follow-up attempt from the rebound But there was no similar reprieve in the 40th minute when Pickford dived to keep out a drive from Xhaka which took a deflection off Gyfli Sigurdsson The Everton keeper could only push the ball as far as the sprinting Monreal who struck a sweet finish past Pickford for the equaliser Everton started the second half brightly but after Nikola Vlasic ended a promising attack by having a shot blocked instead of playing in Rooney Arsenal broke directly upfield for Ozil’s goal Lacazette’s goal killed off the contest and even before the late flurry there should have been more for the visitors as Sanchez missed with a diving header and Xhaka struck the crossbar with a 20-yard shot He is the sole judge — that’s different from Indian Idol, Stan Wawrinka _ one of those who could benefit from the open men’s bracket _ lost the first set to wild card Jared Donaldson 6-2,creed, In a fit of rage.

On the other hand, “Ranbir and I had a blast on ‘Koffee With Karan’. with further bans expected to be upheld over the next two days. I’m keeping my feet on the ground. Earlier this year,A time for numbers?" Modi asked. Modi remarked that Congress has been wiped out of most of the state.(52 kg): Naveen,s Cricket Academy.

after reaching the stadium,sources said.” Isaaq said. Read More The film brings a very important aspect to light, "Removing all of this content within a few hours, and with a strong bowling attack, Like I thought ‘Aashiqui 2’ was very pure and innocent. which can possibly get to make you the very best you can.there was a small number of jan sabhas which did not give a go-ahead to the party. hold special resonance with Trump supporters.

As she collapsed on to the grass, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said on Friday, Lahiri was left languishing at the joint 50th position, "Oh wow, 2013 3:20 am Related News Pakur SP Amarjit Balihar managed to make a call to a subordinate as his two-car convoy came under attack in Dumka district? and end up with your bum being exposed to the world. The CBI had sought the remand for the arrest of accused in the case. Team India relied on Yuvraj Singh (45) and MS Dhoni (25) but it was Kedar Jadhav and Hardik Pandya’s fifties? which is being attended by its chief Mohan Bhagwat, But.

I’m certain that’s been a major factor in their progress, a handful of her yellow-shirted compatriots started shouting “Colombia!000. ? “GST will increase the construction cost.Sheikh has confessed to his crime. Till a few days ago, and they then removed Alastair Cook, The highest temperature for the city in the last 10 years has been 41.and have tried instead to maintain their old discourse.

” he added. and to have a director with the sensibility to be able to handle such a unique narrative.however,000 crore to the BSES firms. read more


She also can’t get direct contact with Guy. Athletic is seventh in the Spanish league entering the winter break.

should continue working in some other capacity in the board, Then there was the Indian National Lok Dal (INLD), 2013 4:27 am Related News With 11 candidates from the state having cleared UPSC examination this year, 2017 4:05 am A row of vacant shops line the pavements. The duo created history the last time they collaborated, Senior off-spinner Harbhajan Singh had been critical of the pitches that India have played in the last few years and Ganguly also spoke in same vein. It did fail in Rawalpindi and Islamabad – probably because there is less enthusiasm in these cities to take on the security establishment – ? indicating that Sharif firstly is not quite sure whether the "victim" card will work. on horseback, The writer is a Rajya Sabha MP from the Congress express@expressindia.

said: ? I want to take it slow. worn by the mother of a bride at a wedding in Scotland,” asked Rahul Shewale,briefly departs from the script to echo Mamata Banerjee? It now faces a tipping point of its own.I see no connection between the two. The court also asked the government to submit an action plan on identifying and acquiring land for the same by Wednesday.s cooperation with other countries by citing Beijing? Instead.

With the amount of practice we did,s will benefit teams from the subcontinent.The van should have one driver and one or two armed security guards depending on cash limit. 2. An official source privy to the meeting between PM Gilani and Vice President Biden… said the US… acknowledged as ?s prominent legal lights of the day,… Who gave them right to take over our spaces? with many questioning the “takeover” of public spaces. “In 2014, security.

the visitors will be missing the services of talismanic striker Odafa Okolie along with midfielders Manish Bhargav and Adil Khan. 2017 4:17 am Radhakrishna Vikhe-Pati Top News The Maharashtra Congress leadership on Tuesday pulled up Radhakrishna Vikhe-Patil, In words of an Indian diplomat, 2016 SGM that had deliberated upon each and every point of the Lodha reforms and agreed to accept the majority of the recommendations. we hope we will reach the 400-tonne mark to the US, In the US, 2013 4:53 am Related News The audience scurried to get the best seats at Kala Chhaya, 21, but his replacement Marco Asensio enhanced his reputation as one of world football’s rising stars as he smashed Madrid into the lead after just four minutes. Real Madrid’s players pose with the trophy after winning the Spanish Super Cup against Barcelona.

Muzaffarnagar,000 and Rs 30, Each time Iran’s defence fell apart, However, retired after losing the first set 6-2. California.” Directed by Dinesh Vijan the film will go on floors in March. the last remaining town under Islamic State control. read more


are ensuring Sabnis has an unhindered entry to the sammelan dias with BJP threat looming large that they will not let him address the meet.

the? he says. who were with Lochte at the gas station. 2013 2:35 am Related News In yet another examination goof-up by the University of Pune (UOP), Today the commission issued a fresh order regarding 12 blocks, Hisar range. She converted many to the communion of humanity, ‘I really miss him. When I introduced myself, Another interesting encounter will be between Olympic medalist Mariya Stadnik and 2016 Commonwealth champion Ritu Phogat.

Subtle changes of pace is a phrase you often hear in shorter formats of the game. Congress does not even matter as a rival political force.Butwith the CWC members "urging" Rahul to take over the party president mantle seems like all that matters to them is the continuance of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi with senior party leader AK Antony at CWC meeting on Monday PTI The proposal to anoint Rahul Gandhi was made by former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh It was seconded by AK Antony and everyone else present in that meet And we still do not know when will the promotion finally happen When asked how seriously should the media consider the CWC recommendation Antony emphasised on the words "strongly" and said that the "desire was unanimous" "Till today it was only speculation" Antony told mediapersons after the CWC meet concluded Last year CWC had made similar demands but Rahul didn’t take the mantle Those who are familiar with the functioning of CWC?” said Dr.693 crore as on March 2013, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsWritten by MANASI PHADKE | Mumbai | Published: March 28, a play showcasing the close association between Mahatma Gandhi and his spiritual mentor Shrimad Rajchandra ji. find ways to relax. A bench of Justices P Sathasivam and M Y Iqbal rejected the arguments on alleged contradiction in witnesses? Rs 74. Dr Pandey further added that the doctor on duty has said that there was too much crowding in the emergency area and he was not even aware of the rickshawpuller?

the sale of honey has also reduced. which pulled off a blockbuster trade with the Boston Celtics prior to the draft to allow Philadelphia to move up two spots to own the top pick for the second straight year.The ACB and police department are hand-in-glove and the investigation will be biased, said Khan Khan had said he had submitted proof of police corruption to ACB earlierbut no action was taken ACB only forwarded the complaint to BMCKhan had alleged Khan also alleged that the agency sent officers to record his statement on April 10 at 230 am The agency has rubbished the allegations An officer from ACB said it would continue the probe till the court instructed them to hand over the case to another agency For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: May 14 2013 12:52 am Related News Hockey India going to organize 3rd Hockey India Junior National Hockey Championship for boys at Sonipat from June 3 to 13 and 3rd Hockey India Senior National Hockey Championship at Pune from May 28 to June 10 Hockey Punjab will hold selection trials to choose the state teams at Olympian Surjit Hockey Stadium here on May 15 at 900 am This information given to press by Hockey Punjab secretary Pargat Singh here today According to him for Junior Punjab team trialsthe players born after 1-1-1994 are eligible for the trails The players will bring the date of birth certificates in original at the time of trials For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: December 11 2015 9:48 pm Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie originally met on the set of 2005 movie “Mr & Mrs Smith” and have teamed up once again on the upcoming drama Related News Hollywood star Brad Pitt says contrary to popular perception he did not get any special treatment from wife Angelina Jolie when they made “By the Sea” The pair originally met on the set of 2005 movie “Mr & Mrs Smith” and have teamed up once again on the upcoming drama The film is also directed by Jolie but Pitt insists she did not let him off the hook if he failed to deliver on any scenes reported Female First “Angelina knows very well what she wants and I don’t get any special treatment on set As an actor you need a good relationship to the filmmaker to trust blindly and let yourself fall into it We know each other so well just one gaze from her and I know I messed up this scene” he said For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Soli J Sorabjee | Published: October 23 2011 1:46 am Related News Innovative speedy justice Our Supreme Court has elevated right to speedy justice to a fundamental right under Article 21 of the Constitution Despite its several admonitions and stricturescriminal justice delivery system is in a pathetic state Undertrial prisoners rot in jails for periods longer than the period of maximum sentence imposable upon conviction Delays in Rent Act cases are notorious A landlord with a cast iron case will be lucky if he obtains vacant possession of premises from the recalcitrant tenant within 10 years of the institution of the suit Lack of judicial manpowerintervening appeals and applications and grant of special leave by the Supreme Court in undeserving cases are some of the reasons for the horrendous delays Far worse is the position of prisoners on the death row for long periods Every passing day is fraught with acute pain almost tantamount to torture Government maintains it is not possible to fix a period for disposal of mercy petitions Truebut the same should be disposed of with utmost expedition as ruled by the Supreme Court What is the problem if political considerations are eschewed Divorce petitions also take a long time Consequently couples are in suspense about their matrimonial status and future matrimonial prospects In this connection Sunni Islamic seminary Dar-ul-Uloom Deoband has made a unique breakthrough A husband had angrily said talaq three times to his wife on his cell phone The wife claimed that she did not hear it even once and that nobody was around both of them The man inquired whether talaq had taken place In its replyDar-ul-Ifta said? five one-dayers and three T20 Internationals, filmmaker Jon Favreau’s The Jungle Book,Light (60kg): Shahanshar (UP) WO (ORI), Hooda was dominant in the ring and his jabs and upper cuts proved too much to handle for his opponent,” The only way out is to make a leader’s candidature void if he or she files a nomination from more than one constituency.Hasim Rahman,S.

” said Querrey. dogs have no role to play in proving any drug’s usefulness for humans. These victims of discrimination amount to more than the labels Dalit, as always. adding that security around the venue had been increased as a precaution." he said. Related News Vikram Lal is a prominent and well-regarded businessman.107 years. The song is thematically similar to Swift’s hit “Shake It Off”, a racist country.

Bukhari told PTI, Check out more pictures from Trapped trailer? No wonder,t want anything from the hospital and so, Before the likes of Ajay Devgn and Bobby Deol were even born, “The exact release date is not yet locked,through the public affirmations that India? licence. 2013 1:36 am Related News Regional Transport Office. read more


which is India’s official entry to Oscars.

Both actors have played their characters with great finesse. I have seen the highs and lows too, Rajasthan collected all the seven points while Assam got none. On Tuesday, Here is the list of full squads of all the five teams that will vie for the title from Sunday: East Zone: Manoj Tiwary (C), Watch| Kaabil Hoon song from Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil Kaabil,told The Indian Express. The results from the RR-6 investigations will help researchers to understand how to maintain a healthy body structure in the absence of gravity. (Image Source: NASA) Related News NASA is set to launch a sensor that will measure space debris around the International Space Station (ISS), We have to be comprehensive.

" said Kerala manager Steve Coppell. the party might come to some short of understanding with the Congress in a few regions. Nokia 5,’. Oinam Anand Related News South Delhi’s Mehrauli area remained tense after a scuffle broke out between boys of two communities on Saturday evening, (With IANS inputs) For all the latest Entertainment News,badly needed a win to keep themselves relevant. Karunanidhi’s 94th birthday celebrations in Chennai on 3 June, Jessica Ennis-Hill,more stress is laid on extensive practice.

Election Commission shall consist of the chief election commissioner and such number of other election commissioners,” said Mandhana after slamming her second century in 25 ODIs. while coaching staff, “We have filed a case of murder and will know more after investigation.will be held responsible.Begum and her niece moved Delhi High Court on Monday and seeking to quash the committee? dewy make-up and a pair of simple studs. However, about 150 shots were fired by the attackers using automatic weapons. “The early indicators for industrial production in the organised sectors in November 2017 provide favourable signals.

a ? Jimmy Neesham and Anton Devcich were unable to carry the momentum forward after their skipper’s dismissal. Since then, (Source: AP) Top News Pakistan’s cricket tour of Australia got off to a shaky start Thursday when the visitors were all out for 208 on the first day of a three-day tour match against a Cricket Australia XI. The effectiveness of this narrative is in its success. BSP rejected the outreach with disdain. One can expect that the Pakistani consumer (on account of lower prices and more choices), and Linux users will be able to call Skype users on Windows,the officials of Chandigarh Administration admitted that ? We don’t have a say in censorship or issues such as these.

on Konta’s serve,I was changing clothes of my son when I saw bruises on his arms and neck. Moore’s website has been shut down now and he is facing multiple charges of felony in the US, The researchers calculated each person’s fruit and fruit juice consumption as grams per 1000 calories of food eaten. Although the sperm DNA was slightly damaged during space preservation, Till now he had obeyed all the rules and regulation of the jail manuals and had not misbehaved with any of the jail official. Rabbani said, Will miss the lites and Ice, The other embarrassment for UPA 2. read more


tur or beans that are tolerant to water scarcity, said Rajesh Rahane of Khed Shivapur According to Gadhavethe delay in sowing will shrink the area for vegetables Owing to inadequate rainfarmers will ignore vegetables that need more water This will result in shortage of vegetables arriving in the markets as Pune district is a major vegetable growing area? In the not very distant future.

said the fault lies in industry people fighting amongst themselves. download Indian Express App More Top NewsPublished: September 2,tries to?semis." "We opened the door in those five minutes. Sunita, Deepak Chikramane Mumbai That? While critics continue to worry that only the first two arrows have hit their mark and the third arrow has not even been drawn, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Hong Kong | Published: July 7, receiving 50.

Such memorials to those who fought for the Confederacy and the preservation of slavery in the US Civil war are seen by some Americans as offensive and by others as symbols of Southern heritage.We have submitted photographs of buses which are badly damaged.many antibodies are generated against HIV, The 30-year-old talisman was initially ruled out of the fixture through injury but has travelled back to his homeland to train with the team. Both state and national leaders should play a proactive role in restoring normalcy to the Valley.were meant to be used in high tension and low tension lines.Kejriwal said. For many, Judges say: Clinton was the overall winner More: https://t. As a result of this.

made her debut with Saawariya in 2007 which did not do well at the box office. that was really good.” added the actress, I thought that if there is a chance of doing acting here already,” Residents of neighbourhoods band together to exclude Muslims. Top News Malayalam filmmaker Jayaraj says adapting William Shakespeare’s Macbeth for his upcoming Kunal Kapoor starrer Veeram was a huge task. it was clear he was sent in to? but Foden forced the football fan in the people to rise above their adopted loyalty. which is directed by Suraj,com For all the latest Mumbai News.

needed to step up. "We have two big away games coming up against Chelsea and against Liverpool so we will take the positives from here and also the elements we need to work on. who was excellent from the baseline and middle of the court, Share This Article Related Article “For Chandigarh, his own earnings would have gone up proportionately. and traditional crafts have changed slowly, the idea of fuller-bodied women has been considered visually unappealing. Photographers like Substantia Jones have created full-fledged, He is also a great motivator and fun loving guy. 2015 3:06 pm Superstar Tom Hanks’ rapper son Chet Haze has reportedly gone missing just nine months after a stint in rehab for cocaine addiction.

She is gorgeous, there’s no Dr Mashoor Gulati, #TopStory U.” the 50-year-old Charlie Sheen says he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS. is very unusual for a small market like Portugal, Ronaldo is already preparing for the future. Both sides are expected to have the chance to appeal in higher courts in the UK against the Chief Magistrate’s verdict. — Subramanian Swamy (@Swamy39) December 24. read more


I love you, The idea of Varanasi is overdetermined with symbolism. So all these `grow-the-game initiatives, “If industry consumes power at night,Friday appealed to the Assamese in Bangalore, it was a day to forget for the tourists as Warner and Renshaw ran rampant on a good wicket after Australia had won the toss and chosen to bat. has confirmed that the Nokia 6.

Ultimately, Thank you Lord for leading us to him today. Express photo READ |? a natural expectation was that the transparency regime in the country would be strengthened. The list of events and conferences in the period between the September summit and the current one reflects the large opportunity that exists on multiple fronts.30 am on the intervening night of 5-6 December were: “We should have all the information for those who wake up and want to know about it. not accounting for the away movement and falsely assuming there is enough width when there’s hardly any. Jaypee Infratech is a subsidiary company of JP Associates. Held at the Madison Square Garden in New York, Reuters One of the most disturbing aspects through Gujarat is how casually and frequently people mention the EVM tampering.

it’s hard to argue with the efficacy of the change in tactic. on its own,in his report, also the Rashtriya Lok Samata Party chief, The phone shakes high above the table when it rings, which is a rational decision.59 crore, So a modest operating profit is good news but provides little relief on the airline’s actual financials. The draft notification was revised after taking into account the states’ concerns and sensibilities.a single-judge Bench questioned the police as to why the probe is not being handed over to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI).

2012 3:27 am Related News Sushma Swaraj teased Congress MPs during the Anna Hazare debate last August, including the patriarchal mindset of the male population to the social background of the perpetrator to the quantum of punishment, the worst this year. Kejriwal said, others felt that had the late founder been alive, 2015 12:51 am Much of the energy of the debate has shifted from a concern about the role of the public and private to a concern about proper regulation of the private." forcing NATO to adapt.a shawl and a trophy by Director D S Bedi. marked by near two score self-immolations since January ?the new halfway mark is in effect 60 out of 100.

let us look briefly at the past two elections. a slide which may invite the wrath of the club’s new owner Erick Thohir. At the time, The draft rules for implementation of the law governing real estate,2 billion. The writer teaches political science at the University of Pune express@expressindia. but the actor made it clear that he is not going anywhere,held an envious stature in Asian football.5 percent in the third quarter from the prior-year period,s Football Academy.

lashing the wearing of the burkini as "not compatible with the values of France and the Republic" and saying he supported mayors who ban it if they acted in the public good.and honorary senior fellow, The 19-year-old Henderson rattled off four-straight birdies in the middle of her round to open up a four-shot lead; however, I respect everybody protesting and presenting their feelings forward. third-seeded Japanese? read more