November 25, 2020
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first_imgMedora Hotels from Podgora announced today that it has prematurely settled the Company’s obligations from the pre-bankruptcy settlement to the Ministry of Finance and all other creditors in full.Premature payment itself achieved the preconditions for concluding the pre-bankruptcy settlement. As pointed out by the Medora Hotel, the early repayment of liabilities was made partly from own funds and partly from a special-purpose loan of Zagrebačka banka dd in the amount of EUR 4,53 million, with a currency clause in kuna equivalent at the middle exchange rate of the CNB. The loan repayment period is 10 years, and no later than October 31.10.2027, 4,20. year, with a variable regular interest rate of XNUMX% per annum.According to the Business diary, Agram invest entered Medora Hotels at the end of 2015 with an initial HRK 9 million, thus acquiring 900.000 shares of the company that the company Novodom Luka Kaića had bought in the pre-bankruptcy settlement. With the end of the pre-bankruptcy, he recapitalized Hotel Podgora with HRK 22,5 million, and Kaić undertook to make investments of at least HRK 112 million. He soon found new investment partners for that, and finally new customers. After last year’s renovation of the Medora Auri Family Beach Resort hotel, in which they invested more than 15 million euros, in 2018 Medora plans to continue investing in the two remaining hotels and camps.This year is a consolidation year for the company, with the most investment in staff training, and one of the goals is to extend the season to a minimum of seven months. Medora employs about 60 permanent workers and about 200 seasonal workers.last_img