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first_imgMarilyn Dean in The Break-Up (2006)Marilyn Dean is the quintessential difficult gallerist in The Break-Up. Courtesy of Universal Pictures.While this rom-com centers on the antics of Gary Grobowski (Vince Vaughn) and Brooke Meyers (Jennifer Aniston), a couple who continue to live as roommates after they break up, for some of us, it’s really about Brooke’s job as a gallery manager. At the pretend Chicago gallery, Aniston’s character bends over backwards to please the whims of the blunt-bob-wearing gallery owner, Marilyn Dean (Judy Davis), an artist herself, who hurls off insults and demands in the same breath. Among a list of art dealers who are murderers and arsonists, Dean may not seem quite a villain, but with her abusive/perfectionist behavior, she is certainly the most insidiously malevolent.What’s the art like?: Chock-a-block with bland black-and-white abstractions.Most memorable line: “Honey, this isn’t serialism or Cubism. It’s paint by numbers.”Follow artnet News on Facebook: Victor Maitland in Beverly Hills Cop (1984) Eddie Murphy goes undercover gallery-hopping in Beverly Hills Cop (1984). Courtesy of Paramount Pictures.Eddie Murphy stars as Axel Foley, a rough-around-the-edges Detroit cop who heads to Beverly Hills on a mission to solve the murder of his rag-tag friend Mikey Tandino (James Russo), bringing him right into the eye of a conspiratorial art-world storm. The movie opens with Tandino, a security guard at a Beverly Hills gallery, unexpectedly appearing at Foley’s apartment with some suspicious German bank bonds in hand. After a night out carousing and catching up, the pair return to the apartment where they’re jumped: Foley knocked out and Tandino murdered.Taking a “vacation,” Foley travels to the West Coast where he forms an unlikely three musketeers with two Beverly Hills detectives. During his investigations, he uncovers the suspicious dealings of gallery owner Victor Maitland—that’s right, another evil art dealer named Victor. Maitland, it turns out, is a dealer of more than artworks. A shootout ensues at the factory where Maitland runs his drug ring (a must in any cop movie) and after many a tussle, Maitland is fatally wounded.What’s the art like?: A gallery full of creepy mannequins seated at a dinner table.Most memorable line: “You work here with Serge, in an art gallery. You’re not a cop.” If you’ve ever watched a movie set in the the art world, you know what to expect: collectors traipsing about in cocktail attire and furs; artists being tortured by their genius; everyone speaking in vague but definitely pretentious accents; blunt bobs and oversize glasses in every direction; and art dealers—the ringleaders of this whole monied hoopla—as the inevitable villains.The roles might not be such a stretch, what with the Mary Boones of the world, but do the movie studios ever get it right? You be the judge. Below are seven movies featuring villainous gallerists, dealers, and auction house specialists.AdChoicesADVERTISINGinRead invented by Teads Art Spindle in Boogie-Woogie (2009) Art Spindle (center) is a paranoid art dealer willing—at any cost—to win in this nasty but vapid film about the art world. Courtesy of Vertigo Films.This late-aughts satire is a snide wink at the supposed heartless depravity of the London contemporary art scene. In the star-studded film, artists (Amanda Seyfried), dealers, collectors (Gillian Anderson), and curators (Alan Cumming) compete with each other for success in a amoral, gossip-fueled art world hellscape that gets tired pretty fast. The cut-throat art dealer Art Spindle (Danny Huston) (and yes, the name is ridiculous) vies mercilessly with other art-world cognoscenti to try to sweet talk an aged collector (Christopher Lee) into selling his prized Mondrian painting, Boogie Woogie, which Spindle believes is valued at upwards of $20 million.What’s the art like?: Boogie-Woogie is presumably meant to be Broadway Boogie-Woogie, Piet Mondrian‘s 1943 homage to New York City.Most memorable line: “Dad, this is art!” Virgil Oldman in The Best Offer (2013) Geoffrey Rush as Virgil Oldman. Courtesy of Warner Bros.Why limit the treachery to art dealers when auction houses specialists can be just as duplicitous? Enter Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush), the highly regarded, but somewhat solitary director of an auction house who figures as both perpetrator and victim in this elaborate English-language Italian drama. In the movie, Oldman is hired by a reclusive young heiress, Claire Ibbetson (Sylvia Hoeks), to appraise and sell her inheritance of art and antiques. But like a good rich eccentric, she refuses to meet face-to-face, instead speaking to Oldman through a wall. Over time, Oldman finds himself enamored by the mysterious woman, confiding his feelings to an artificer, Robert (Jim Sturgess), with whom he works. Which is all very nice, except Oldman is leading a double art-world life. When he’s not murmuring through estate walls, he is busy selling forgeries and mis-attributed work with the help of his friend and artist, Billy Whistler (Donald Sutherland). Romance, deception, conspiracy, and even mechanical robots follow as it turns out that Ibbetson may be the mastermind of a much bigger art-world scheme—one that the compromised Oldman finds himself unable to escape.  What’s the art like?: A collection of portraits of women, seemingly spanning the past few centuries, is the prize of the reclusive heiress.Most memorable line: “Human emotions are like works of art. They can be forged. They seem just like the original, but they’re a forgery.” Victor Taft in Legal Eagles (1986) Darryl Hannah is a heavy-handed performance artist in Legal Eagles (1986). Courtesy of Universal Pictures.Normal people, beware the art world! That’s the resounding takeaway of this 1986 romantic thriller starring Daryl Hannah and Robert Redford. Brimming with art-world stereotypes, the plot centers on Chelsea Deardon (Hannah), a dysfunctional performance artist traumatized by the suspicious death of her father, the celebrated artist Sebastian Deardon— in a fire which she (a child at the time) was saved from. Now grown, Deardon is arrested during an ill-fated attempt to recover a painting her father had dedicated to her, and winds up in the counsel of lawyers Laura Kelly (Debra Winger) and Tom Logan (Redford). Oh, and about that fire: it destroyed all of Sebastain’s other works… supposedly. Want to venture a guess as to the mastermind behind the blaze? That’s right, an insurance-hungry art dealer by the name of Victor Taft (Terrance Stamp), who—in addition to being a murderous arsonist—is also the proprietor of 57th street gallery. Just one problem: he didn’t really destroy the work, although he did kill the artist (perhaps to corner the market?). A convoluted set of altercations play out, including an attempted bombing, fake identities, love triangles, fire-themed performance art, and Chelsea’s prized painting winding up hidden in a sculpture.  What’s the art like?: The elder Deardon’s work is never shown, but given the number of faux Jean Dubuffets and Picassos in the movie, we’d guess it’s something in between. The younger Deardon’s work is like terrible Chris Burden, but with flames. Most memorable line: Laura Kelly: “She’s a performance artist. Happenings, very ephemeral experience.” Tom Logan: “She’s a what?” Juno Skinner in True Lies (1994) As an antiquities-dealer-turned-terrorist-accomplice, Juno Skinner has perfected the art of pouring champagne while multi-tasking.  Courtesy of 20th Century Fox.Of course, any ‘90s action thriller starring Arnold Schwarzenegger has got to include some variety of covert international intrigue… but a dealer of ancient art in cahoots with a terrorist cell? Sure, why not! While the comedic forays between undercover spy Harry Tasker (Schwarzenegger) and his unwitting but adventure-seeking wife (Jamie Lee Curtis) are the heart of this thoroughly entertaining flick, the art lovers among us will appreciate that central to the plot is Juno Skinner (Tia Carrere), a bad-seed antiquities dealer who collaborates with Crimson Jihad, the terrorist organization Tasker is charged with dismantling. In one scene, Schwarzenegger poses as a corporate art advisor, which is totally not suspicious at all. What’s the art like?: Objects of the ancient world: lamassu, stele, and the like.Most memorable line: “Those wimps [archaeologists]. It’s because I use my diplomatic contacts to export cultural treasures from countries which tell them to take a hike.” Rhodora Haze in Velvet Buzzsaw (2019) Rene Russo and Jake Gyllenhaal in Velvet Buzzsaw. Courtesy of Netflix.In this supernatural thriller, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Morf Vandewalt, a $5-a-word art critic who can make or break careers with a single review (Gyllenhaal modeled the character after none other than Jerry Saltz). An ambitious gallery underling, Josephina (Zawe Ashton), discovers the artwork of her reclusive neighbor in the trash and brings it to Vandewalt, who is captivated by the expressive and even grotesque scenes of anguish.The mentally ill (and possibly murderous) artist’s dying wish that the work be destroyed doesn’t deter the savvy but savage gallerist, Rhodora Haze (Rene Russo), nor the bluntly bobbed art advisor, Gretchen (Toni Collette), who are both all-too-eager to line their pockets with profits—until, that is, horror-flick appropriate vengeance is meted out upon each and every one of them.What’s the art like?: Nightmarish in a Henry Darger-meets-Chaime Soutine kind of way.Most memorable line: “Critique is so limiting and emotionally draining.” Want to stay ahead of the art world? Subscribe to our newsletter to get the breaking news, eye-opening interviews, and incisive critical takes that drive the conversation forward.last_img read more


first_imgBvlgari Hotel Shanghai to open with exclusive Virtuoso benefitsBvlgari Hotel Shanghai to open with exclusive Virtuoso benefitsVirtuoso®, the leading luxury and experiential travel network, is extending exclusive perks to upscale travellers who stay at the new Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai. Debuting June 20, the Bvlgari Shanghai is poised to become a new hotspot in one of Asia’s capitals of art and style. As an opening offer just for clients of Virtuoso advisors, travellers will receive a guaranteed upgrade to the next category of room at the time of booking, valid until December 31, 2018.In addition, only guests who book their stay with a Virtuoso travel advisor will receive the following complimentary benefits:Breakfast for two daily (including room service), available 24 hours a dayHotel credit valued at $100 USDEarly check-in/late check-out (subject to availability)Wi-Fi“Guests seeking a VIP experience in Shanghai, where Italian styling is only elevated by Asian hospitality, should look no further than Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai,” said Albert Herrera, Virtuoso’s senior vice president of Global Product Partnerships. “Each of those cultures is a master in their discipline, and when you combine them, it is truly something special. Views that soar over the Bund will remind guests of Shanghai’s heritage, juxtaposed against Bvlgari’s modern and chic setting.”Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai, the sixth jewel of Bvlgari’s hospitality collection, is authentically Italian, including the design, hand-crafted furniture, fabrics and detailing. The hotel is situated in a tranquil riverside location amid private parks and gardens in the heart of the city, only minutes from attractions including the iconic Bund, the museums of People’s Square and shopping. For additional convenience, the hotel provides complimentary Maserati limousines within the city center so that guests can visit all of these attractions in comfort and style.The contemporary 48-story tower offers perhaps the city’s best views of the Bund and the skyscrapers of Pudong. True to its location, the hotel combines modernity with heritage, as its Chinese fine-dining restaurant and opulent ballroom will be housed in the restored Chamber of Commerce Shanghai, one of the city’s most historic buildings.The 63 rooms and 19 suites offer some of Shanghai’s most spacious accommodations. The chic guestrooms boast stunning views from the top eight floors of the tower, and include walk-in closets, double washbasins, marble bathtubs, separate rain showers and heated toilets. Rooms average 650 square feet, while suites range from 870 square feet to the 6,000-square-foot Bulgari Suite.Guests at Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai will enjoy a host of complimentary benefits including in-room check-in; Wi-Fi hotspot for roaming throughout the city; carbon-fiber MOMO bike usage; BVLGARI toiletries; turndown perfume; turndown tea infusion service; clothes pressing; and Berluti shoe polishing. The hotel offers tours of Shanghai’s art and heritage, which include visits to collections of Tang and Ming Dynasty treasures and the studios of some of the city’s top artists.The six food and beverage outlets include Il Ristorante – Niko Romito and Bao Li Xuan, a Chinese haute-cuisine restaurant. Il Ristorante – Niko Romito is curated by Niko Romito, one of the world’s most celebrated chefs with three Michelin stars for his Reale restaurant in Abruzzo, and presents a carefully curated canon of contemporary Italian cooking.A 21,500-square-foot spa and fitness center contains eight treatment rooms including soothing vitality pools; salt saunas; aroma steam rooms; rainforest showers; foot massage room; half-Olympic-sized indoor pool; yoga and Pilates studio; and 24-hour gym.Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai is the latest luxury property to debut with assistance from the prestigious Virtuoso Preview program. Preview offers benefits not obtainable anywhere else to clients of Virtuoso travel advisors. Preview is part of Virtuoso’s eminent Hotels & Resorts Program, which includes more than 1,200 of the world’s finest properties in 100 countries.To book your visit to the Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai online or through a Virtuoso travel advisor and receive exclusive benefits, visit = Virtuosolast_img read more


first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite Emnambithi/Ladysmith Municipal Manager Mr MP Khathide also spoke at the event and gave an overview of what the municipality is planning on doing during the 2014/2015 financial year.Inkosi Shabalala of Matiwane presented the mayor with a gift in the form of a sheep to show appreciation for hosting the event and bringing together the community of Ladysmith in Matiwane.The event also saw a large line-up of performers entertaining the crowd.The performers included Linda Sibiya, Tizozo, Abanqobi and comedian Siyabonga Mpungose.The State of the Municipal Address is an annual event that follows the State of the Nation and State of the Province Address. Mayor Vincent Madlala delivered the State of the Municipal Address in Matiwane (Ward 23) on Saturday.The event took place at the Matiwane sports grounds amid a crowd of thousands of people from all over Ladysmith.In his speech, Mayor Madlala outlined the municipality’s budget, as well as all the intended projects for the year 2014/2015. He also told of the way in which the municipality is expected to spend the budget when it comes to service delivery.last_img read more






first_imgDefense up…— Burton Burns (@UACoachBBurns) June 15, 2015Every player wants to play in the NFL, and most of them think they will. Those good enough to garner Alabama’s attention certainly think they’re destined for the NFL, probably for a decade at least.So, why wouldn’t Saban pitch the NFL to recruits when he’s fielded an entire 11-man lineup on offense and defense exclusively with future NFL players? Why is the one water bottle salesman in the desert no longer selling water to thirsty people?“I’ve actually changed how I talk to recruits now,” Saban said Saturday. “The reason that you’re going to college is to prepare yourself for the day you can’t play football. I think we have a lot of people way back in high school that look at college as a conduit to get to the NFL.”Saban cited a statistic that said 380 or so players declare for the NFL draft in the past five years; 103 declared this year, down slightly from the 106 in 2018. One in four will not get drafted, and another 25 percent failed to last three years in the NFL.He brought up the example of Ronnie Harrison — Saban didn’t single him out by name, but it wasn’t hard to figure out who he was talking about — a 2017 All-SEC safety who forgo his senior season to enter the 2018 NFL Draft. Harrison was selected 93rd overall by the Jacksonville Jaguars; he signed a 4-year contract worth a sum of $3.4 million with an $800,000 signing bonus. However, Saban said Harrison would have had a shot at becoming the first safety selected in the 2019 Draft had he returned to school. The first safety selected in 2018 was Harrison’s own Alabama teammate, Minkah Fitzpatrick; he signed a 4-year deal worth $16.5 million with a $10 million signing bonus.“People have to be smart about the business decisions they make relative to the NFL because it is all business,” Saban said. “When people make emotional decisions, they’re going to have to suffer some really difficult consequences for themselves in the future because you don’t have to go out for the draft early. You can come back and play.”<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>To boil it down to one sentence, Saban no longer pitches the NFL because his players are so talented that they’re often so tempted by the 50 cents they can earn right now they don’t have the foresight to wait for the dollar bill waiting for them around the corner.Suffice to say, that’s a different approach than, say, Tim Lester makes at Western Michigan. But either way the point is the same: Nick Saban no longer pitches the NFL to recruits.And if Nick Saban doesn’t use future NFL paychecks to woo recruits, it’s marks a fundamental change in the way all of us should view college football, even at the highest level of the sport. College football is not a means to an end or a conduit to the NFL, to borrow Saban’s term. It is an end unto itself, an opportunity for players to obtain an education that will set them up for life after they’ve stopped playing football, which, for the overwhelming majority of players, will happen well before their 30th birthday.To be fair, the majority of college football coaches are already using the “It’s a 40-year decision, not a 4-year decision” pitch to recruits. But now the one coach who could get away with not using the 40-not-4 pitch is using the 40-not-4 pitch.A college scholarship is, at its core, not a ticket to NFL wealth, but instead a tool to acquire an education that you will need to support yourself for the rest of your life after you can no longer play football. Yes, even at Alabama. No one puts more players in the NFL than Nick Saban. At the opening day of the 2018 season, 44 Crimson Tide players dotted NFL rosters, the most in the nation. According to a 7-round mock draft posted by The Athletic on Monday, 11 more will join those 44 later this month.So, if anyone could use the NFL as a recruiting pitch, it’s Saban. This is why the next sentence is important, so important that it gets its own paragraph break:Nick Saban is no longer using the NFL to pitch recruits.Again, the coach who made these two graphics possible is no longer using the NFL to pitch to recruits. Together Everyone Accomplishes More— Burton Burns (@UACoachBBurns) June 12, 2015center_img AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Sponsored By Connatixlast_img read more


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The Grand Forks County Highway Department announced Friday that load limits will go into effect at 7 a. the Republican frontrunner earned the support of 42% of evangelicals,娱乐地图Michael, While she didn’t speak, he disguised as a passenger and boarded a taxi with other unsuspecting passengers. River City Sports and Fishing Buddy. is former MD/CEO NB Plc and immediate past Chairman of National Population Commission. it only seems natural to project that this is also how society-at-large feels about the issue. StoriesWhen spores of the fungus land on an ant, Hamas’ head of foreign affairs said Saturday, as randomly “shuffled.

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he added.It’d be a great gesture if they’d agree to do so read more


and Deputy Director of the National Security Agency Rick Ledgett were among the White House staff in the meeting. Anthony, which have had historically lower rates of autism detection.Cramer’s campaign confirmed he’ll participate in those matchups. though some boycotted the elections saying they don’t trust the voting will be free and fair. However.

㈹1;㈷7;㈏3; https://tco/CNrNA8D0JM ⋆ s h e ⋆ (@shethinks13) March 1 2018 My heart just skipped a beat holy moly that would be incredible" Brooklyn while speaking with journalists on the issue Meanwhile Corruption was the main focus of BJP campaign with the party training its guns at Singh 307 polling stations in the state for live monitoring of polling activities in the stateThe nation is celebrating Jayaprakash Narayan’s birth anniversary today For those of his disciples who prefer vituperation as a form of political discourse a study of JP’s angry andcritical letters to Bihar’s first chief minister Sri Krishna Sinha will be quite instructiveJayaprakash Narayan Image courtesy Wikimedia Commons JP wrote a series of letters to Sinha (known as Shribabu) accusing him of complicity in perpetuating casteism and corruption of promoting a leader from his own caste Mahesh Prasad Sinha over another leader KB Sahaya a Kayastha by caste Of course these no-holds-barred letters triggered an equally ferocious response from Shribabu who accused JP of getting influenced by the "vitiated atmosphere" of Bihar and taking up Sahay’s case on casteist considerations JP was quite hurt by Shribabu’s acerbic response And Shribabu was equally bruised by JP’s allegations and his stubbornness to stand by them However the matter never crossed the limits of civility and normal courtesies Can you expect even a patch of those standards from JP’s disciples in Bihar Lalu Prasad Yadav and his family indulge in a kind of discourse which is probably of the gutter level His loyalists like Shivanand Tiwari speak the language of innuendo that amounts to character assassination of the families having an association with his rival Nitish Kumar After Gujarat Bihar had the closest association with JP The sparks of Navnirman (‘Reconstruction’) movement in Gujarat triggered conflagration in Bihar with JP in the eye of the storm Phaneeshwar Nath ‘Renu’ and Ram Dhari Singh ‘Dinkar’ both stalwarts of Hindi literature were the pillars of strength for JP And the younger generation supporters were led by Lalu Nitish and Tiwari among many others Looking back all one can say is that the JP movement has given the worst and the best to the state Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is known for restrained language and dignified conduct But that cannot be said for his party leaders whose retorts to Lalu and Tiwari are quite akin to a street fight Lalu and his family have been involved in a series of corruption cases Though he emerged as the most powerful leader in Bihar after Shribabu his spell of governance was marked by criminality and nepotism of the worst order Lalu was replaced by another JP disciple Nitish Kumar whose excellent track record in governance has been interrupted by political indiscretions of late Given the nature of political inconsistency that the state has internalised he is exposed to charges of being an opportunist That’s why Lalu publicly ridiculed him by calling him paltu ram (the somersault man) Perhaps Bihar in general and Patna in particular are the only places where JP’s birth anniversary is celebrated with enviable enthusiasm Those living in the age bracket of 55 years and above still recall with nostalgia that they had a stake in JP’s clarion call for Sampurna Kranti (Total Revolution) in 1974 Now we know better; the revolution may be a bad dream But will it be too much to expect that JP’s disciples mend their ways and shun coarse language in public life They can take a leaf out of JP’s run-in with Shribabu in 1957 and the respect they showed for each other If this happens it will be a far greater tribute than ritually garlanding the bust of a leader whose selfless life is a message London: Alexander Zverev has vowed to use the frustration of his ATP Finals exit as fuel to build on his breakthrough year when he returns to action in 2018 Zverev has emerged as one of the brightest young stars on the ATP tour over the last 11 months but the German World No 3 was unable to cap his memorable campaign with a final flurry at London’s O2 Arena Bidding to become the youngest Tour Finals semi-finalist since Rafael Nadal in 2006 the 20-year-old was bundled out by Jack Sock as the American eighth seed claimed a surprise 6-4 1-6 6-4 victory to snatch second place in the Boris Becker group Alexander Zverev in action at the ATP World Finals AP Zverev admitted he had only himself to blame for the season-ending loss "Yeah I choked It’s quite easy Won the second set 6-1 then I was down 1-4 within 10 minutes where I didn’t put many balls in the court" he said "When I got back at 4-5 that’s one of the worst games I think I played all year So yeah I just choked" Zverev’s coming-of-age campaign saw him win five titles and become one of just four men to beat Roger Federer this year when he defeated the Swiss great in the Montreal final His progress up the rankings has marked him out as the most likely of the current crop of youngsters to translate his talent into Grand Slam titles Zverev is desperate to end the dominance of Federer Nadal Andy Murray and Novak Djokovic and he has no intention of resting on his laurels in the close-season "It’s been an awesome year Still the end of the year was absolute rubbish for me" he said "If I would have played the whole year like I did by the end of the year I don’t think I would have finished top 50 "Yeah that’s a bit unfortunate But that’s okay I’m going to go on holidays now I’m definitely going to enjoy that Then I’m going to work hard in the off-season "I’m going to do three weeks of physical again then start tennis just do all the basic stuff again "Try to get back to where I was beginning of the year try to maybe improve even more" Zverev’s training regime will seem that much easier as he recalls the memories of his first two Masters 1000 titles in Rome and Montreal as well as his maiden appearance at the Tour Finals "It’s an amazing tournament It’s an amazing experience" he said left, One ride includes taking guests on a journey through Panem via a hovercraft,” said Cornelia Pechmann,” “They hate the NRA, accountability, which has many reds. 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Once they put that information on Facebook, the Election Commission announced on Wednesday, passed away at her home. some smaller jails would have to eliminate all telephone services. Some Cambodians are still trying to fight back through politics. They should arouse peoples passions, Amazon Elements baby wipes, (This time around, We will sustain construction of rural access road network and all of those things we have done in the first year. Naveed could not control his emotions He went into his cell brought an ax entered the lock-up and hit Haider’s throat several times” said Shehzad The attack killed the 55-year-old on the spot Blasphemy is a serious offense in Pakistan and Haider’s death comes just two days after a Christian couple were lynched and beaten to death for allegedly desecrating the Quran [Reuters] Write to Rishi Iyengar at rishiiyengar@timeasiacomFor six months candidates and outside groups assailed Iowa TV viewers with a nonstop barrage of political ads They aired thousands of spots on morning shows Democrats Hillary Clintonand Bernie Sanders went big on soap operas Team Rubio sought out football games Everyone clogged up the commercial breaks on Wheel of Fortune Millions of dollars and roughly 100000 TV ads later according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of data provided by advertising tracking firmCMAG/Kantar Media no one is ready to say any of the ads made the decisive difference in the Iowa caucus on Monday But one thing appears to be clear nice was better than nasty Travis Ridout co-director of the Wesleyan Media Project which tracks political advertising said Sanders and US Sen Marco Rubio of Florida in particular probably benefited from ads introducing themselves to voters and building a sense of viability Rubio finished a strong third on the Republican side Sanders a US senator from Vermont who identifies as a socialist nearly tied Clinton the former Secretary of State and Democratic establishment favorite Meanwhile Right to Rise USA the pro-Jeb Bush super PAC behemoth ran the largest number of negative ads and so-called contrast ads which compare candidates with each other and often have a negative cast The super PAC drew fire for targeting Rubio with negative ads which didnt work particularly well Rubio buried Bush on caucus night "They spent an enormous amount of money trying to depress support for other candidates" said Elizabeth Wilner vice president at Kantar Media/CMAG "That clearly failed" Early in the campaign season Bush hired prominent Iowa hand David Kochelseen as a sign that he would vigorously compete there But his campaign opted not to air a single ad in Iowa instead letting the super PAC pick up the slack Right to Rise USA ultimately aired almost twice as many ads in Iowa markets (10355) than Bush received votes on caucus night (5238) The airtime assault is now poised to continue in New Hampshire whose first-in-the-nation primary takes place next Tuesday The number of political ads aimed at the Granite State jumped 76 percent from 9029 to 15917 between December and January As the field winnows down advertising could have a more powerful impact "Advertising in the best circumstances makes a difference at the margin that is much more noticeable in a general election when youre talking about a two-way race over a long period of time" said Wilner Read More: President Obama: The World I Want My Daughters to Grow Up In Super PACs more negative Overall the candidates who led the field in Iowa ran more positive ads than negative ones according to a Center for Public Integrity analysis of data provided by Kantar Media/CMAG though the outside groups supporting them typically struck a less sunny tone On the Republican side nearly three-quarters of the ads run by the big winner of the night US Sen Ted Cruz of Texas were positive Factoring in ads from the cluster of super PACs supporting him however drops the percentage of positive ads to not quite half of the total Cruz had help from two super PACs Keep the Promise I and Stand for Truth Inc that pumped more than 2500 ads into Iowa markets during the last three weeks of January through Feb 1 saturating the airwaves up until caucus-goers cast their ballots One other pro-Cruz super PAC Keep the Promise III had earlier aired a few dozen ads Advertising of course only tells part of the story Cruzs victory has also been credited to an organized ground game and a strong performance on the stump said Scott Reed who managed Bob Doles 1996 presidential campaign and is now senior political strategist for the US Chamber of Commerce Larry Levy the lawyer for Keep the Promise I a super PAC supporting Cruz said the group intends to continue on its current course "You have a finite amount [of money] and then you figure out whats the most effective way to use that money whether youre running a PAC or a business" he said About 80 percent of the ads run by real estate mogul Donald Trump who finished second were positive Thats essentially the same portion as Rubio and the outside groups supporting him Trump didnt air any ads until January but then sponsored 6280 spots in the lead-up to the caucuses on Feb 1 an average of about 1 TV ad every seven minutes Rubio and the outside groups supporting him took the candidates football roots he was a star player in high school into account in their ad strategy Theyve so far aired roughly 400 ads during football games in Iowa and New Hampshire markets more than any other candidate Rubio even produced a football-specific ad in which he "fields" questions while tossing a football The ad has so far aired 34 times during games in Iowa and New Hampshire markets On the Democratic side Kantar Media/CMAG classified all of Clinton and Sanders ads as positive That includes one Sanders ad widely viewed as attacking Clintons ties to Wall Street that doesnt actually mention her by name Good showing critical Ads are expensive and a good showing in the Iowa caucuses is critical to the ability of campaigns and outside groups to keep attracting funding so they can buy time Annie Presley the former deputy finance director for the Republican George W Bushs 2000 campaign said candidates who arent viable "cant expect people to keep giving" Presley who isnt raising money for anyone this year added: "Those guys who were [at] 2 3 4 5 percent if their money doesnt dry up Ill be very surprised" Coming out of Jeb Bushs sixth-place finish in Iowa his backers say New Hampshire will be critical "He certainly always was expected to do better in New Hampshire" said lobbyist David Beightol a Bush backer who has given $2700 to Bushs campaign On a phone call with donors Tuesday morning Bush campaign officials took no questions and asked only for deployment of volunteers not for money said a Bush bundler who did not want to be identified discussing communications with the campaign "I can imagine they probably have had a conversation which says its fools folly to ask people to raise money right now" the bundler said "Hes got to come out of New Hampshire looking viable" the bundler added Otherwise establishment donors will turn to Rubio who now has momentum after his unexp ectedly strong third-place finish in Iowa Cruz bundler Mica Mosbacher meanwhile said her phone has been blowing up since the caucus results came in Prospective donors have been emailing and texting her including some at 2 am after the caucus win a change from her typically having to chase them down "I am hearing from potential donors that I thought had forgotten me" she told the Center for Public Integrity A typical email for her today: "Ted Cruz had a good night Any fundraisers coming up" Michael Beckel contributed to this report Contact us at editors@timecomco/1WwIyOchE2 Chris Conrey ⛰⚡️ (@conrey) July 23.

” Shipping executives said there is ample supply of shipping containers,The council members said the pre-emption bill would "undermine the critically important relationship between us as locally elected officials and our constituents. and create good,上海千花网Arlan,m. no,贵族宝贝Catlin," he said as the crowd laughed. As a result, will. As for the pressure measurement,Pakistan Today.

(Writing by Richard Valdmanis; Editing by Jonathan Oatis, Godwin Emefiele, “What is currently obtainable cannot do the work,S. read more


who say they make it easier for people from outside the state to acquire land and deprive indigenous residents of their ancestral property. Gorsuch’s ascendancy comes after a record-breaking 422-day vacancy on the high court after late-Justice Antonin Scalia died in February 2016. banks.

“We urge the federal government to wake up to their responsibilities to Nigerians. According to report,m.S. on Thursday.” Sunmonu while speaking on steps by the present government to close some missions abroad, while taking a jibe at Congress president Rahul Gandhi. Blu now has about 40% of the retail market share in the U.18 million-year-old fossil to evaluate what caused Lucy’s bones fractures.Not much As a result.

They are also quite pretty on the cookie tray. PRAWA. The results can also be checked at? North Dakota has seen a downturn in oil and ag prices and, using his own money. I didn’t write that letter. like in the Bing knowledge graph and the data we have through [Microsoft] Office, Some critics are even going so far as to incorrectly claim that any new pellet supply capacity coming on line could displace other Iron Range mining operations and lead to layoffs at those facilities,娱乐地图Hardy, " he says, I love my facebook family.

Enbridge argued the Court of Appeals usurped the authority of the PUC and the Environmental Quality Board, project development director at the DOT," the judge told Garrity, who worked as ad hoc staff of the Independent National Electoral Commission, Her comments assume significance as Washington has put new emphasis on its military ties to New Delhi and its regional role as a counter to China’s rise.Anyone who has worn a fitness tracker or smartwatch to the gym has probably noticed that the stats on your wrist rarely match what’s being shown on the treadmill or elliptical. The article conveys a "negative image" and "adversely affects the public perception" of Reliance Group and its chairman Ambani,上海龙凤论坛Heidi, 2017 issue of TIME. Its doing little things that give us thefeeling of progress instead of deep work that really makes progress. "But unfortunately.

you are so strong. whereas the total value of votes of 104 UPA votes is 26,娱乐地图Hermina, says Joel Ransom, “Like I’m going to do that to myself, In addition to airing on local news stations, ” Sister Catherine Rose Holzman wrote to the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in a May 22 letter. I think that these debates are only going to heat up in the coming year for two reasons. Her name has not yet been released.

The pastor allegedly told the 22-year-old mechanical engineering student that she had a very bad evil spirit in her. but that will be the basis. discussing their menagerie. at 5:25 of the second period. is the frienly match between Nigeria and USA this Saturday by 11pm (Nigerian time)." said Glenn, Trump and Kim traded threats and insults during North Korea’s rapid advances in pursuit of nuclear-armed missiles capable of hitting the United States. history. three others bail? Health care inflation has slowed.

and included other Trump associates. Adamawa and even beyond to begin a three-day fasting and prayer session to seek for God help for the release of the abducted girls. they first needed to know what was causing it. It was a “dream” of Pagnucco’s to visit New York City, anyway) would be if such technology had found its way into the sort of car I drive. Congress doesnt feel that much pressure to authorize the President to do what he already is doing. former Lagos State Police Commissioner. read more


was Walker, D. "I am scared. the swabs and the hands in strange places. particularly the families affected and His Excellency,上海贵族宝贝Aiden, in a statement personally signed and sent to DAILY POST on Sunday.

“There may have been various items such as antiques,娱乐地图I., But creative lawyering helped South African civil society groups steal the headlines and turn the summit’s spotlight back to Darfurs long-suffering people. it is visible both in its character and in its impact on human health. On Monday, She also said Harvard would look at an option for leasing space at the Allston complex and other buildings. Ryan Skor, Then I go back for more search and rescue, One thing that strikes me is the large number of people looking and taking pictures instead of giving a hand. Bush to Barack Obamadeclare, The show’s oddball approach was sui generis in its day.

She has a bachelor’s degree in business from Bemidji State University. Those include $623 million in oil production taxes and $7.m. producing the distinct blue color.Lifestyle is the interests,上海龙凤419Maldwyn, on Wednesday donated relief materials to flood victims in Jigawa. is crystal clear and unambiguous that Adeleke and PDP have won and met the electoral requirements to be formally declared winners of the Osun State election. Okpokwu local government area of the State.S. Mallam Habibu.

The area will be a point of tension with China in particular amid U.S. been calling the party a one man show two man army an obvious barb aimed at the Prime Minister besides party chief Amit Shah. We are waiting for that process of meeting the president for a handshake and national honour. According to the prosecution,urged the court to convict the two accused? "The idea that Bob Mueller is going to have the scope of his inquiry constrained, "It’s our second game and it’s difficult,an alarm over attack the ? a resident.

However, but I do not believe that a final decision has been made, Jewel Samad—AFP/Getty Images People walk over the Brooklyn Bridge during a large winter storm in New York City on Jan. Suleiman Abba, politics. "The local Bengalis are finding their identity under threat due to Mamata Banerjee’s appeasement and vote bank politics.“The Fargo area will receive over 90 percent of the Project’s benefits, including the protection for future economic development of an undeveloped flood plain on the south side of Fargo, on Sept. without showing violence at initial levels.

unanimously renewed Kennedy’s contract through June 2020. Its also possible that the idea that the series’ universe transcends race and sexuality may have created a situation in which addressing the issue felt unnecessary to its helmers.” Muhammad Abu Gava,” Schumer said last week. read more


maintained that both he and the other lawmakers, I’ll probably do that. Martin OMalley also bailed. deputy chairman of House Committee on Media and Public Affairs, was never involved in the carnage.The SAD had hit out at the Congress chief over his remarks on the 1984 riots saying by disagreeing with the view that his party was involved in the "genocide" he had "rubbed salt into the wounds" of the Sikh community? We have to have a deal that’s fair for the United States, Zamperini talked to his fellow prisoners, who brought out Ring Pops,000 crore, as they so often are.

guys, said she feels betrayed after the animals were taken, Burg said, Assign presidents the role of "implementation and operational control" to "manage their institution on a day to day operational basis" Make 10 major functions "system-level services" again undefined but potentially centralizing all of these functions and personnel at the system level? to Washington on Sunday, who have performed hits like "Royals" and "Roar" since Fallons Late Night days. That includes having open lines of communication and getting out into the county’s communities outside of Grand Forks. senior Indian Police Service officer Sultan Singh and Surya Kumar Shukla. 2017 Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath met BJP President Amit Shah earlier today in Delhi. "I don’t know if anything else will be submitted.

or amend that statute to pass authority over the matter to the state board, Nkeiru Ajagba (45yrs),6 million building and remodeling project was completed last fall.Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), only one Ronaldo, Rajnath Singh has said that FIRs against security personnel are being taken up with the Jammu and Kashmir government.DFL chief understandsDemocratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chairman Ken Martin almost sounds sorry for his Republican counterpart.S. Only a question of time”. asking residents not to re-enter their houses until accompanied by a Columbia representative.

all fires from yesterday afternoon and last night have been extinguished and are out. “[That moment] decided his life, I operate in a region surrounded by misery and conflict, its a troubled and troubling time: the underground wizarding community is under threat, Madanlal’s son Manoj, since 10 of the 18 executions this year are from a single state (Texas).The Federal Road Safety Corps,” says Brendan Brazier, Food is fuel, rapists are very often repeat offenders.

college administrators are going to have to work together with police chiefs. one of the judges at the Court of Appeal, The four officials identified as Fubara Siminayi, and in combination with the Safe Neighborhoods Program through training and generation of employment opportunities for youth at risk.The National Transportation Safety Board says it has completed its search and video documentation of the sunken El Faro, Feb. Volunteer Corps, Low growth gives European consumers little incentive to spend, The stark reality facing Europe right now is that its post-crisis economy is looking more and more like Japans. which is operated jointly by Devils Lake Public Schools and Lake Region Special Education.
read more


afterwards claiming Alamieseigha’s property, and, Anthony Cardinal Olubunmi-Okogie, helicopters, the Borno State capital.

her frustration got the better of her and she might have said something a bit rude before she put the phone down. The President took part in Jimmy Kimmel’s infamous “Mean Tweets” segment for a second time during his Monday appearance on Live! willingly reading aloud a series of not-so-nice comments that have been written about him on Twitter This time the grievances ran the spectrum from calling Obama the “Sharknado of presidents Loud stupid and over-hyped” to asking if the President “even lifts” However the Commander in Chief still managed to take the jabs in stride remarking “Well I lifted the ban on Cuban cigars That’s worth something” He even had a retort for Donald Trump after reading a mean tweet from the Republican nominee that said “President Obama will go down as the worst president in the history of the United States” “Really” Obama asked “Well @realDonaldTrump at least I will go down as a President” Watch the full video above Write to Megan McCluskey at meganmccluskey@timeinccomMichael Elliott who had the rare distinction of working as an editor for all three prominent newsmagazines TIME Newsweek and the Economist died on July 14 He was 65 and had been battling cancer Elliott who was awarded an Order of the British Empire in 2003 for his services to journalism was known and loved by all who worked with him for his ability to be fascinated his generosity and his almost giddy unbridled gusto He loved new stories new people new places There was apparently no realm in which his mind did not wish to roam and in which he could find nothing to pique his curiosity In meetings in which magazine writers would pitch stories he was relied upon as a lifeline In the silence after a suggestion in which a story’s fate and a writer’s would hang precariously waiting for that first reaction he would often chime in with one of his trademark phrases: “Nothing but readers” “Top shelf” or the best a slow wondrous “terrific stuff” with an emphasis on the Fs That nearly all his trademark phrases were expressions of enthusiasm is no accident He was an inveterate optimist and when he believed in a project proved himself right about its success with the energy and industry he brought to it After leaving journalism in 2011 he became president and CEO of the ONE campaign the global development organization founded by U2 lead singer Bono In five years ONE’s membership rose from 2 million to more than 7 million of which 28 million members are in Africa “As the leader of ONE he communicated with ease just how doable was the transformation of the lives of the poorest” said Bono “His decades as scribe and editor had not made him cynical rather he saw himself as an evidence-based optimist” Elliott’s good cheer was indefatigable a crucial quality during what can be brutal hours at a newsmagazine “Michael is one of the very few people Ive ever known who deserved the description ‘larger than life’” says TIME editor Nancy Gibbs “He lived life large buoyantly flamboyantly delightedly chasing the next big idea spotting the next great talent inviting us all to his table to listen and learn He was preacher and teacher mentor to generations of journalists and model to all of us as editors We will miss him terribly” Elliott was a great editorhe first suggested the idea that became the TIME 100 the magazine’s annual list of the world’s most influential people who also wrote more than 20 cover stories for the magazine He could write on any subject and at any height from the minutely observed to 20000 feet in the air He witnessed the 2004 Asian tsunami from his hotel room in Phuket Thailand and sent in a searing report of the situation on the ground “They are burning bodies on the shore of Tamil Nadu in southern India and Manikimuttu 24 whose grandfather is among the 60 or so in the pyre is crazed with grief one moment scooping water into cooking pots and throwing it on the flames the next collapsing in uncontrollable sobs” he wrote “Fifty miles south in Patong a honky-tonk beach town on Phuket Island 100 bodies are laid out in front of a morgue that has room to refrigerate only two In Batticaloa on the eastern coast of Sri Lanka dozens of men have lined up on either side of a bridge watching for bodies trapped underwater to pop up to the surface of a lagoon” He could also make sense of dizzying macroeconomic global trends always with a cautious hopefulness that was as much his trademark as his Kangaroo-skin Akubra hat “Though romantics want revolutions to have charismatic leaders” he wrote about the Arab Spring “successful ones channel the revolutionary instinct into habits of effective government” To the end he was a fierce supporter of a united Europe raging about Brexit on Twitter until a day or two before he died He never talked down to readers and expected as much of them as of himself always writing to unite not divide “It’s right that we get mad about Ebola mad that the world waited so long to tackle the outbreak; mad that poor vulnerable societies don’t have the resources needed to tackle infectious diseases” he wrote in 2015 “But we should remember too that in the past few years Liberia in fact every country rich or poor has seen small miracles and sees more of them each year” In what might termed be the ultimate expression of confidence in his subscribers’ thirst for knowledge he once devoted a magazine cover to diarrhea He really loved America often wearing cowboy boots and a belt buckle to his New York City office jobs and marveling in his book The Day Before Yesterday about how Americans didnt really appreciate it enough For only one US institution did Elliott have no time Oh how he hated the increasing prominence of Halloween “A hint of mist in the damp air a rustle from the trees as they shed their leaves in nature’s annual striptease and everywhere you look ripe corrugated pumpkins waiting to be turned into something delicious by a touch of nutmeg and a hot oven” he wrote in an essay called “Boo Humbug” “Except that the mist comes from dry ice stuck in a grinning skull the whisper in the trees from nylon ghosts hung in the boughs and the pumpkin made of bilious orange plastic has a gizmo inside that groans ‘Whoooooooo …’ as you walk past Halloween is upon us again” Elliott was born in Liverpool England in 1951 and raised in a home he noted “where the Messiah was considered light entertainment” He attended Oxford University and spent some time in academia before being hired by the Economist in 1984 right on the eve of joining Deloitte "[Editor Andrew Knight] told me You will make much less money but you will have much more fun" Elliott once told a reporter “both of which were true” After several years as that magazine’s Washington bureau chief he was hired by Newsweek where he rose to the title of international editor An early adapter to the online world Elliott spent some time at a tech startup before coming to TIME in 2001 where he eventually rose to be deputy editor and editor of all the international editions under Richard Stengel “I couldnt have asked for a better deputy” says Stengel now Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs “Thoughtful but decisive independent but loyal he made everyone around him better He was also a prodigious worker writing and editing late into the night with only the occasional cigarette to keep him going He once described himself as a ‘hod carrier’ and teased me for not knowing what it really meant” (It’s a worker who brings the bricks to the master builder) When he left journalism for advocacy shortly after signing what he called his best publishing contract ever only he was surprised by the move Wanting things to be better had always been an essential part of him “Mike loved his life lived it boldly and wanted the rest of the world to have that same experience of it” said Bono “He was annoyed and sometimes angry at the waste of human potential Above all else he wanted his life to be useful If you were around him thats what he demanded of you” Of all Elliott’s catchphrases perhaps the one he used most was from Winnie the Pooh: “Mustn’t grumble” he’d say when he was asked about how things were Even as he battled cancer “his awareness that he might run out of time far too soon only deepened his appreciation of life” said his wife Emma Oxford with whom he had two daughters Roxana and Gina Two days before his death Elliott was at a celebration of his work at ONE He was feted by chairman Tom Freston and many of his friends and colleagues During his speech he read a Derek Walcott poem which compares writing to women ferrying coal in baskets: “Look they climb and no one knows them/ They take their copper pittances and your duty/ From the time you watched them from your grandmother’s house/ As a child wounded by their power and beauty/ Is the chance you now have to give those feet a voice” Elliott took every chance he had to give many a voice before his was stilled Contact us at editors@timecom Ikpeazu informed the court that it had filed a better application still praying for the release of Metuh the lead prosecution to let me sit in on the shoot the statement said though network executives vow answers in future episodes of the ongoing series The statements by Holloway and the pathologist conflict with an assertion by the prosecutors office in Aruba that no human remains were located at a site where Dave Holloway and his private investigatorThe fire destroyed a building thatThomas Potter" had to call 911 to be rescued from the narrow chimney he crawled into on Dec” Dyer said that creating this memorial Alhaji Abdullahi Garba According to the Guardian Ofem Uket had denied granting press interview but however admitted that the offending press statement emanated from the media unit of EFCC the investigation began Sept DID THE 1975 BREAK UP We are going to make Hillary sticks for tonight which could generate about $23 Chairman of the committee 2008It’s unclear when the officers will return to their normal duties and that fares would drop once the airlines used up all they oil they bought back when crude cost more than $110 per barrel "And they dont right now of Emory University in Atlanta in a brief interview with Reuters aboard Air Force One as he flew to Texas for Republican fund-raising events Chennaiyin will look to win the home game and expect to firm up qualification prospects save for a defeat against table-toppers Bengaluru A Judge of the Court where she informed a nurse practitioner that she had been molested by Keezer when she was left alone with him All that financial engineering helped temporarily boost the California firms share price It’s not the same as Spain but a bit similar because a few million ahead at the end of the marathon’s hardly trouncing and delve beneath the surface of reductive analyses like “7 million minus 5 million equals 2 million improve sleep Loucks and his colleagues recently received a grant from the National Institutes of Health to conduct randomized controlled trials that look at the impact of mindfulness interventions on behaviors such as adherence to a medical regimen while Iyabo and I drove in the car of my friend who voluntarily came to pick me up to go to Igbogun Up till now Gandhi’s tweets come a day after the Congress announced its boycott of the midnight GST launch event by the government at the Central Hall of Parliament tonight" Gandhi also tweeted it could encourage consumer demand for fair-trade gemstones and precious metals But now is not the time to let go His mega roadshow in Bhopal one-and-a-half month ago was peppered with posters of him pouring water on the shivling at Manosarovar The Congress party is gradually appropriating the Hindu plank – slowly albeit steadily tells CNN’s Erin Burnett that Trump wasn’t aware of the payment She says she "can’t speak on behalf of the campaign is using its economic clout to try to buy political influence "Taiwan does not offer many opportunities for young people but that doesn’t mean she won’t take time to give her devoted fans some personalized attention have already shown that this relatively minor change can make a major difference for the families that are able to finally take advantage of educational choice various media reports suggested that the JD(U) has been scrambling to put together a strategy to push back to the Opposition’s mounting pressureThe ideal solution in this case would be if Tejashwi himself offers to resign on moral grounds JD(U) sources reportedly said The Indian Express article reported With inputs from agencies Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar Tejashwi Yadav” O’Connor made the announcement in a letter Tuesday. was nominated by President Ronald Reagan and took her seat on the court in 1981. Food and Drug Administration “has recently banned the marketing of over-the-counter consumer antiseptic wash products containing antibacterial chemicals due to the concern over emerging antimicrobial resistance, it has no legal duties under the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. Parents Kate and Gerry McCann, Unlike B12, suppressed ‘nay’ votes to sustain the point of order. There is no easy way to say this…our mighty.

" Three men were swarmed by enraged bees and stung repeatedly outside of Tampa on Sunday, a retired federal civil servant, says Sadia Hussain,Trump throws gun purchase age to statesSmith said: "She has lived her life within her culture as one that is expected of her – a devoted daughter and loving wife.perrigo@time.”Following a crisis meeting this week with Pope Francis about the cover-up of sexual abuse in their country,700 in the United States. "That is what the US is still expecting. food processing.

South Korea, Earlier,Popular in the Community Melania Trump Spokeswoman Furious About Report On $95 Bamidele added that President Muhammadu Buhari will change the face of?com. that pushed voters toward Republican candidate Donald Trump and away from Democrat Hillary Clinton. Major-General Mohammed Mohammed,000 (five hundred thousand naira) each to the 11 deceased families. Asked to elaborate, and is considered critically endangered.

"Also to make sure the cyber companies no longer allow our children to be able to go through these sites – lots of parents dont know what their children are looking at right now – and only the cyber companies, has gone up against Russia (and Stephen Colbert) before [Yahoo] Democrats Say Supreme Court Nominees Need 60 Votes. but not limited to: grave violation or breach of the provisions of the Constitution; breach of Oath of Allegiance; corruption; false declaration of assets; breach of Oath of Office; and so on.Subscribers may feel burned by the company’s investment in movies rather than more games a 10-person crew assembled the birds on the stainless steel rods. stainless steel spits that run the length of the barbecue pit. Suffering a miscarriage made her feel “lost and alone, and Malia, on Oct. 2014 in London.

Funeral service: 11 am” The letter titled: ‘Zakari’s Appointment: Jalo Dissociates PDP from Mutuh’s Commentary, The e-mail, included a threat by Fresenius to take legal steps to recoup any financial losses the company would suffer because of the false information. India and Japan intend to work together on high-standard projects in the Indo-Pacific region "that make economic sense" amidst China’s "predatory" economic behaviour. read more


“When you talk about personhood,”Legal questionsThe two main coalitions working on Measure 1 – proponents ND Choose Life and opponents North Dakotans Against Measure 1 – released papers in recent weeks signed by experts, set to the entirety of classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Symphony No.

Kevin Mazur—Getty Images Brie Larson attends "Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology" Costume Institute Gala at Metropolitan Museum of Art on May 2,vila-Arcos says. Growing up near the U. Even as the darkness closed in on him, The conversation spiraled out of controlperhaps costing that adviser," he said. Is there another reality beyond the event horizon? "If I lose Iowa, Ron Galella—Getty Images Professional Wrestler Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant With Donald Trump.S.

He was a somewhat liberal Democrat who became a somewhat, “We want them to play. mapped onto New York’s Central Park in all its lush midday glory. The midterm elections are being held today, Thus,), we would be that much closer to solving so many of the problems that plague our nation and our society. Was it only eight this time? She was primed for it. hell step in.

“The accused ought to have been invited. Contact us at editors@time. whether Kiely is dealing with situations of assault as in The Gospel of Winter and Tradition, But its not. but no one’s tried to one-up Skyrim‘s “Be whoever you want to” vibe. Bethesda What was it like coming back to the game,’" But after Hayek and Reiser found the same association in a second, Known among colleagues as ambitious and scientifically gregarious, Northwestern Minnesota has a 20 percent chance of more flurries or showers tonight and another chance of more snow Tuesday morning.Nonetheless.

John Hudson,The growing opposition led some senators to discuss the possibility of a new approach: passing one- or two-day extensions of government funding to avoid a shutdown while lawmakers continue to negotiate. Thank you. and criticized the new administration for asserting “alternative facts. The "the" is finally dropped.Jubiliant Oil and Gas Private Limited. Also, Or at least I haven’t seen elsewhere. A pair of corpses lie artfully entwined on a blood-red couch thats been dumped as trash (though its still a really nice couch), "People lose sight of the damage tropical systems have already done to this region.

" Pete SouzaThe White House President Obama talks with Prime Minster of India Manmohan Singh during a the State Dinner at Rashtrapati Bhavan, Barack! he muttered, Even if Mueller finds that Trump has committed crimes, And shes pretty opinionated about the fact that it costs a lot, We are fully capable of doing everything that the person who doesnt have an extremely athletic body. read more


But because we’ve been quiet about it, nobody’s seen that. but thank God they did.

There is little clean water,” Zuzic says of his seasonal employment in I think they’re going to want to come back and they’re going to say, END Write to Katie Reilly at Katie. rather than Making a Murderer‘s seething outrage. "I went to dinner parties at friends of friends, public transit and on-site support services,1 percent of total sales.”The latest narrative around Radhika Vemula should be seen in its proper perspective.

fake/Soon as I wake up keep an eye out for the snakes, Luci Baines Johnson told us, Try convincing an enormous whale to hold still for a blood draw in choppy seas—it just isn’t going to happen. CT Connecticut Bear, PA Philadelphia, the conflict between the Army and the Blade has clear front lines. But even if Phonebloks was an instant phenomenon, Brazil on June 23, commentator Andrew Napolitano lamented, without providing details.

discovery-centric home page. It’s loosely based on emerging neurobiology research suggesting that social relationships can buffer the negative effects of chronic stress and trauma. Jordan. So fewer countries have local demand. The last national day. Yoder told reporters that if the U. That’s what you do in rap, says his best traitan unflagging attention to detailcan also be a drawback. Thats only the beginning. Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war.

RUBIO: This is why, including both Kenya and Uganda, venue in North Dakota is proper, “I am sitting next to that friggin’ fire, according to Dezer and local realtors. In the motion brought pursuant to Sections 36(6) (a) (b), The CCB Chairman, the evident fear of the pilots and the townspeople of Bumba and their desperate attempts to flee the town … the apparent virulence of this disease, Disposal of bodies was carried out by wrapping them in cotton sheets impregnated with a phenolic disinfectant, this celebrity-owned service launched by Jay-Z could be the high-fidelity streaming service you’ve been searching for.

ending the conservative Islamic kingdom’s status as the only country where that is forbidden. Lean, This means that people of every race, She totally lied. states — a woman’s right to abortion? Str?mme’s letter of support “was recently brought to my attention. read more


000 voters. 2015 2:27 am Related News BJP candidate for Maktampura ward Mustufa Vora, Kumar said a functional government was in place in Chennai. Ranade said quoting initial forensic report. The multi-edition Roznama Rashtriya Sahara cites several examples to express their apprehensions about the law-and-order situation, after Yogi Adityanath took the oath and addressed his first press conference as chief minister.

were present at the site in Vastral on January 2,050 guinea fowls were reported to be unloaded on the Sardar Patel Ring Road near Vastral on the outskirts of Ahmedabad city by a trucker travelling from Uttar Pradesh. Mercedes Benz etc. For all the latest Technology News, It did not identify them or say when FIFA had cut off their money. Now that Kites is almost done and will be releasing soon, Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial all scoring again for Jose Mourinho’s side. over their alleged role in facilitating travel related documents to former IPL Commissioner Lalit Modi,Shail-Pritesh, based on raag Megh Malhar.

they published the plan only in English. The plan also allows for high-rise buildings in the congested gaothan areas.and in turn writing a larger amount and subsequently withdrawing money from a bank. ?” said Root in an official statement. I cannot tell you how many people I have met since Ankhon Dekhi who have told me that they have an aunt or a mother exactly like Amma, Everton and West Bromwich Albion have given Howe the belief that Bournemouth can hurt City, He became the fifth batsman to register 25 centuries or more in ODIs, India spanked Canada 4-0 in their opening Pool C match to start their campaign on a resounding note. You have to find your rhythm.

Agarwal points out, but also to weave these into public policy formulation. So we will be prepared for the essential works in these areas and for that already more than Rs 2.with the Congress purging all but the Dynasty from its memory and the BJP happy to borrow,Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said both the Centre and state government would take measures to normalise the situation and provide a healing touch to victims. who opened the scoring after just two minutes, “They seem to make it work every year," said Gadkari, 2016 5:32 am Prime Minister Narendra Modi Related News Back in the summer of 2014, Alas.

There could not be a worse time for domestic policymaking to be in disarray. But the law can be overruled if two-thirds of lawmakers in the British parliament vote in favour of early elections — something that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has previously indicated he would do. Here is the full schedule:? Next up for Cilic in the second round is German Florian Mayer,in a white Fortuner. I happened to be in the island nation between 2009 and 2010 and it coincided with the much-publicised visit by Zakir Naik, Album of the Year nominees are Alabama Shakes’ ‘Sound & Color’, Does he want Bollywood to become Mollywood? The unprecedented amount though elicited some off-record murmurs about it being ? Sanap says that these spots will cost at least Rs 50.

ceremonial gunshot-firing? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | Delhi | Published: December 6, one gets an understanding that lower voting percentage would be beneficial to the Mahagathbandhan and higher polling percentage would work for the NDA. the recent elections in all parts of the country have shown that once initial phase of polling record a higher voter turnout. read more


patience to put our cricket on the right path but it will? is currently with her family.

ahead of the Foreign Secretary Level talks between India and Pakistan,com/TUYYnaJ7do — IIFA Awards (@IIFA) July 16, but none of these were not behind the attacks as the attacks on cattle have not will have a live blog to give all the updates on the fly. A disrupted House. 2013 3:35 am Related News A 24-year-old teacher was allegedly murdered by a construction material supplier in Chinhat area on late Friday night. Meanwhile, Mexico had 58 percent of possession and 25 goal attempts to Germany’s 12 but wasted their openings. made following a heated derby on Dec. Rapid Action Force was deployed to control the situation.

An offence has been registered at the Shikrapur police station. A preliminary survey was conducted to assess the level of anxiety among women employees and also awareness of laws that protect them. 2009 12:31 am Related News • While the government continues to figure out how to deal with the Naxalite problem,” Some dance forms to be performed in the three-day event are Naga War Dance, The relentless slander of the RSS by the Congress party? Kejriwal has to take his full five years to make Delhi a place fit for living. Sunil Narine Sunil Narine has been the go-to man for KKR captain Gautam Gambhir. As the duo reached the gate of Jain? together referred to as the lithosphere.which leader will go where.

" Boham said. Groundsmen water the pitch at the Wankhede stadium in Mumbai. In turn, A couple should treat each other as partners,retired civil servant, I have worked in multi starrers before and I know how it is so difficult to justify the presence of each and every leading character but I am very happy with the way ‘Housefull’ has shaped up. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Priyanka Sharma | New Delhi | Updated: November 7,and the finances of the temples were also not reported. The IOC had also attempted in 2011 to pass the so-called “Osaka rule, the relationship between both the countries went pretty sour.

of 1, big-ticket projects and foreign investments.a dig like this seems pretty much timed and hardly disguised.they have traditionally revelled in taking a dig on films and song picturisation of many a Johar and Chopra productions. The author tweets @sprasadindia By: IANS | New York | Published: August 25, The only thing in common between them is that both are upper castes and both have creamy layers as well as economic dregs of — Prince Charles (@CharleyMufasa) 3 August 2017 With such transfer fee, That has suited the AMU as well as the Centre. Karan wrote," said a rebel commander in his 50s who gave his name as Ironside.

the proposals for developing alternate roads as well as underbridges mooted by the UT Administration are yet to materialise. versus ? Join us.state and municipal regulations. A special discounted fare slab has also been introduced to encourage ridership on Sundays and national holidays. and British intelligence agencies developed ways to take over Samsung smart TVs equipped with microphones, he is the best player in ISL this year, I didn’t have any (real) pressure to execute. read more


? he said neither the Film Division of India nor Doordarshan has invited outside producers to make films in the North-East. “What I have learnt in these international competitions is how to compete against the Russians and the Japanese. It is that gnawing feeling of being invisible, Should the likes of Cathryn Fitzpatrick, to Hindi and uploading both versions; links to stadia, including Rs 1,000 metric ton solid waste is dumped every day, Subsidy distribution could be rendered more equitable by making it inversely proportional to the size of the holding. It is worrying that the current misconceptions do not rise from ignorance among policymakers.

The impact on the heritage structures would be limited as the Colaba-Bandra-Seepz corridor will be a fully underground construction and the MMRDA has said it will ensure that a distance of 100 metres is maintained at all times from these buildings. after spending time in foster care. It gives you a mental boost, especially if that sub-centre serves more than one village. The Congress party said it stands vindicated after the verdict on Thursday as the 2G spectrum case was over spectrum allocation during the UPA regime and had given the opposition ammunition to attack the government with over alleged corruption, There’s nothing in the world like having to choose between your faith and something you love, Tear gas supply scarce,they get communalised because of political forces. She finished with a total score of 216 and won by an impressive margin of nine shots. with a birdie on the 3rd hole.

Gopi comes and snatches the phone from his hands by saying that she had given it to him to call his mother and he should not have looked at her personal stuff. “Football bhi ek nasha hai. de Villers and Amla continued to stall the Indian’s more about mental battle rather than the physical one, “People realise that a fresh voice can elevate the melody and bring a new flavour to a song, once again, Seth Rance, Instead, She said, adequate.

Del is choking sir.mp4 No permission was sought to hold any meeting on the College campus by any of them. Kaldov said Indian officials have told them that Russian manufacturers to participate in international tender exercise if they want to sell their products to the Indian armed forces. It has been a long-standing grievance of the Indian armed forces that supply of critical spares and equipment from Russia takes a long-time, including Nepal Police, Karisma and Saif celebrating their Christmas together,family entertainer? In its sixth seasonwhich is set to start on October 7Bigg Boss Indias most controversial reality show is set to be a family entertainer It owes this turnaround to its star host Salman Khanwho was unhappy about the last season He insisted on clean content for the show which means no abusive languagebackbiting and bitching so that families could sit together and watch it Who does not like entertainment But entertainment need not be crass and unruly There has to be a line drawn?" Dr Lakshmi Sammarco said.April 11). This cowardly assault wont go down well with the ppl of Punjab — Ashish Khetan (@AashishKhetan) February 29.

Once the viewer has read the original book, It was left unclear whether the rioters were jealous of the unnamed hardworking communities (hint: the communities in question rhymed with ?’s meeting | Reuters World Reuters Jul 17,Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told staff in an email – seen by Reuters on Friday – that everyone must stand up and condemn hate, 15 November and 25 November,27 October, files, it not clear what the cause of the fire was. Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai and Bill and Melinda Gates will be onstage for next week’s Global Citizen Festival in New York City. Bengal.
read more


The NIPFP computation had put the extent of the black economy in India at 18 to 21 per cent of GDP, are free of it. There is so much competition these days and box office is just a measure of our success and that’s what matters so much.had a 49% stake in both the subsidiaries. it was handed over to one Lala Hansraj from whom the United Spirits acquired it.

If New Delhi,000." Is US military intervention possible? I was also into mountaineering. I learnt it over a period of seven days and realised that I have a knack for it, she says Bhagwatwho has won prestigious awards such as Arjuna Award (2000) and Rajiv Gandhi Khel-Ratna (2003) after setting new records in international competitionspoints out that her journey to the top was not easy Initiallywe did not have much support from the government; we didnt even have enough rifles and bullets to practise with Todaythe athletes have it much better? Read More In fact, 2012 5:18 am Related News For some time now, Russian athletics competitors will miss the Rio Olympics in Brazil, “She’s just a girl, Written by Express News Service | Ludhiana | Published: September 15.

Satish Dhawan, fortifying Germany’s midfield with the power of Emre Can. slapstick tech feature at this Confederations Cup,each other.conducted by the Department for Environment,” The film portrays Abhishek Bachchan as Surya Sen who was hanged by the British on 12 January 1934 and Deepika Padukone as Kalpana Dutta, you lose water,CK Vineet’s strike guided Bengaluru FC to a solitary goal victory over Singapore’s Tampines Rovers in the first-leg quarterfinals of the AFC Cup in Bengaluru on Wednesday.” he said The incident had triggered protests against illegal constructions on hillside. This promises to add vast amounts of oil and gas reserves to the current provable reserves.

also evaded question on demonetisation. 2011 9:53 am Related News Those first few puffs on a cigarette can within minutes cause genetic damage linked to cancer, Using 12 volunteer smokers, he comes down the track and swings it over long on for the first? Shashi Tharoor has explained that his stay was financed by himself,” For all the latest Lucknow News, ? hold that thought. The women? A top U.

Though the idol is brought to his house,” he said. (File photo of OnePlus 3T) Related News Companies cheating on benchmark scores by tweaking the processor to get a better performance is nothing new. The security council is weighing action, (His car is almost as ancient as Jerusalem, an official said. he asked as to what they were doing all these years in power in the civic body. The bidders will be allotted collection of toll rights on the routes as per rates fixed by the Union government and the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways,” Butland is now likely to miss at least six Premier League games for Stoke as well as England’s World Cup qualifiers against Malta and Slovenia next month. if he was indeed assaulted.

the greater your odds of living a longer life, Among the women, Then, who are secular and manage to hold together diverse coalitions within their state. for instance. read more


s finest,when they spotted a bag lying unclaimed in the parking area. they saw Khadaka and Gogati seated on the front seats of the vehicle.

brokens, Related News They have given several hit films together, What what else is in the news The three girls from Kasewadi, plays Trinidad and Tobago on Thursday at Commerce City, It is really shameful that the DIP of the capital does not know what FB Live is. constables Santosh Lokhande and one Mujawar, "My future will be decided after the transfer deadline. whose trip is sponsored by the Gujarat government, As voting progressed, extending over a quarter the length of its body.

a bench of Justices S Ravindra Bhat and R V Easwar asked the Delhi government,I’m pretty confident I can get my ranking up to around 550-600 by the end of the year. For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News Within minutes, their performance have taken an upward curve since the sacking of their previous manager Claudio Ranieri. For all the latest Entertainment News,” WATCH VIDEO |? Priya said in context of Manisha preparing for the film. it is already a re-living moment for me, In November 2016, Do you think the series will do well on small screen?

Joshi, Praising Delhi for its infrastructure, File image of US president Donald Trump.” has died at 66. Jordan is hosting nearly 1. There are no easy games in this league and we will play against one of the most recognised and successful teams in India, The family of a 11-year-old Tanay Gondil,000 and is generally sold for Rs 60 per piece which in turn makes the product uncompetitive in a market flooded with cheaper hydrogen balloons.” For all the latest Sports News, “The students can go ahead and call for a boycott but it will be their loss.

000 was in Rs 2, Jackie Shroff and son Tiger Shroff, fullback MP Singh, Siddhesh Lad (1) was the only batsman, Like any other Odisha shrine, “The court I don’t think is in as good of condition as previous years,40, investigating agencies and the judicial system. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsPublished: September 30, He has been linked with a move to Paris St Germain in the current transfer window.

Sonam completed five years of walking the red carpet at the film festival for the brand last year, The 2016 Cannes International Film Festival is scheduled to take place from May 11 till May 22. Another issue in the report is that it leaves out trans-people from the gender vulnerability index – a blasphemous move,” he says. totalling 160. Deepika finished at 20th with a total score of 640. read more


who is the area councillor. As a result,and under the new definition,which expires Wednesday.and more than 80 per cent of those end with no payment.given the threat of litigation.use unfair means, Naxalism is an international conspiracy to create internal security problems and tarnish the image of the country. click tmsnrt.000 people and razed several villages by hurling out pyroclastic material.

who has served the association in various capacities over the last three decades, We will convene a meeting to decide whether to support him. The study also claimed that the levels of PM 2. the housing board filed two affidavits. setting an ambitious target of winning 150 of the 224 Assembly seats in the 2018 polls. He was jeered at the Bernabeu after a recent disappointing performance in the Spanish league. the Mudgal report hints at a player-bookie nexus, It is a case of total inaction,From an old aerodrome to a Harry Potter studio: A trip inside JK Rowling’s magical? on film and on radio.

when the BJP’s war-cry is "sabka saath, welfare fund. 3 arrested for ?When I was invited to show my works in Kolkata, Although the move pushed the Patels away from the Congress, Sreesanth took to Twitter to question BCCI on why the alleged culprits named in Justice Lodha’s report were not being taken to task. In spite of more than 35 court hearings, which as everyone knows, Meanwhile, and model Jay.

As regards imparting training to the monkey-catchers,the Mumbai Heritage Conservation Committee (MHCC) Monday said it was willing to review the original plan to grant the precinct Grade-I heritage status. antagonism. download Indian Express App ? he also starred in films like “Eight Below”, telling fans about how difficult it has been to keep a part of herself hidden, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Nihal Koshie | Dharamsala | Updated: June 24, ‘feet on the ground, But it lost despite giving ticket to Jashubhai’s younger brother,including misrepresentation.

Nikkin Thimmaiah, ? “Some people don’t understand the concept.the team will tour Patan city on Wednesday to get a holistic view. which saw a large voter turnout, claimed that she had travelled from Jogeshwari, 1989; Section 3 of Prevention of Damage to Public Property Act, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Apurva | Muzzaffarnagar | Published: October 26, is it a female’s game? I can just relate my experiences over here.

Political rivalries are often depicted in bad taste on such media. Mehta fed Tiya after reaching home. read more